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Vodafone has the world's most complete enterprise information management system and customer service system and has strong advantages in increasing customers, providing services, and creating value. Vodafone's global strategy is to cover voice, data, and Internet access services, and provide customer satisfaction services. The Vodafone Group of Companies has more than 100,000 employees worldwide. The name of Vodafone combines the three meanings of Voice (voice)-Data (data)-Phone (phone). Another said that Vodafone was renamed Vodafone after the acquisition of J-phone by the previous Voda.

As of December 31, 2009, Vodafone had approximately 333 million users worldwide. Vodafone uses the Vodafone Group as its name and is listed on the London Stock Exchange (code VOD.L) and the New York Stock Exchange (code VOD). On February 21, 2014, Vodafone completed the sale of its 45% shares of Verizon Wireless to Verizon for US$130 billion. [1]  On March 8, 2014, Vodafone has reached a preliminary agreement to acquire Ono, a Spanish cable operator.

Brand meaning

Vodafone website

Established in 1984, it was established under the name Racal Telecom Limited (Racal Telecom Limited), a subsidiary of Racal Electronics Plc. (Racal Electronics Plc.) in the United Kingdom. In October 1988, the company sold 20% of its shares to the public. In September 1991, it further separated from its parent company, Ruikal Electronics, and became an independent company, and officially changed its name to Vodafone Group Plc. On June 29, 1999, in cooperation with AirTouch Communications, the Vodafone Group Co., Ltd. Responsible company.

development path

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Vodafone was established in 1984, (Vodafone Group Co., Ltd.) On June 29, 1999, after the merger of Inc. (AirTouch Communications Company), the company was renamed Vodafone AirTouch. However, with the consent of the shareholders, the original name of Vodafone Group Co., Ltd. was restored on July 28, 2000.

Vodafone ’s predecessor was a division of British Lacor Electronics specializing in mobile phones. It was established as a separate Vodafone Telecom company in 1985. This company, which develops high-quality and high-tech products, has developed into the second largest telecommunications company in the UK in market value after British Telecom in just 14 years . It has launched telecommunications services in 19 countries and regions.

When the company was founded in 1982, the company had fewer than 50 employees. The chairman Racal Radio at the time firmly believed that the company's strategy in the British mobile telecommunications market would be successful, and he formulated a successful development strategy.

On February 23, 2018, according to the World Wide Web citing foreign media reports, on the eve of the World Mobile Communications Conference (MWC), Vodafone and Huawei announced that the two companies will cooperate in Spain to use the non-independent 3GPP 5G new wireless standard and the Sub6 GHz frequency band. The world’s first 5G call test.

Vodafone said that this test used a test network and test equipment to perform real-time data calls with 4G to 5G dual connections. This connection started in 4G, and then a data connection was established on the 5G network. Vodafone also said that engineers also used the same method to successfully test real-time HD video calls.

Huawei said that the test results show that 5G technology based on 3GPP standards has matured.

In December 2018, the " 2018 World Brand 500 " compiled by the World Brand Lab was announced, and Vodafone ranked 93rd [7]  .


The first analog signal network established by Vodafone in January 1985, the first call was from KATHERINE'S DOCK Street in London to NEWBURY. This is the first successful analog network call in the UK.

After that, the demonstration activities of the simulated network continued. The effect obtained by Vodafone was that the number of user contracts increased rapidly, and the network erection was completed within the specified time, making Vodafone's network rapidly covering the whole country.

After the state banned direct signing of contracts with public users, the company established VODAC, which was completely under its own control, and officially provided services to users in 1984.

In 1987, Vodafone has been considered the world's largest mobile communications company.

Mr. Gerald Whent made Vodafone's early strategy to vigorously develop international long-distance mobile technology. Although Vodafone already has the world's largest mobile network, the company's development still follows the original business plan. Vodata continues to develop voice and data business to continue to expand the market: Vodafone callback, voice mail, value-added services such as information bar service, financial news service, urban traffic timetable, etc. Vodapage also began operations, providing a BP call network and services that can be used by 80% of the UK population. The number of local customers in the UK as of December 31, 1987: 136,000.

Vodafone Mobile

The business data transmission service was opened in 1990. Broadcasting network company PAKNET has launched an improved mobile application business service to meet the needs of fast, accurate and reliable data transmission in business development. PAKNET was jointly established by RACAL TELECOM and CABLE & WIRELESS. In 1992, the company purchased 50% of its shares from CABLE & WIRELESS. The number of local customers in the UK as of December 31, 1990: 665,000.

In 1995, Vodafone began to develop a highway network. After hard work, nearly 500 experts finally covered 7 major highways on the Vodafone mobile network. The Vodafone network has also become the first network in the world to introduce TACS comparison technology to eliminate the phenomenon of theft in the network. The number of local customers in the UK as of December 31, 1995: 2,330,000.

Vodafone Airtouch was formally established in 1999, and it will continue to maintain its leading position in the 21st century. At the beginning of 1999, the company invested 56 billion U.S. dollars to successfully acquire the American Air Communications Corporation.

Telecom company

Vodafone Airtouch is the world’s largest mobile communications company, and merged with British Vodafone and American AirTouch communications company in June 1999. Before the merger, British Vodafone and American AirTouch communications company had become the leader and forefront in their respective markets. Developers.

As of November 1999, the company's market value was approximately 90 billion, and it became the second in the FTSE100 list and third in Europe. The company is also one of the 25 largest companies in the world. At the end of September 1999, Vodafone in the UK and AirTouch in the US had more than 3,100,000 customers in 24 countries and 5 continents.

On September 21, 1999, Bell Labs and Vodafone AirTouch reached an agreement to jointly develop a new wireless network business. The number of local customers in the UK as of December 31, 1995: 6,860,000.

On December 23, 1999, it was prepared to invest 138 billion euros to acquire Mannesmann, and formally proposed a merger and acquisition offer. After Vodafone ’s repeated concessions, not only increased the price of Mannesmann’s stock, but also temporarily retained Ethel’s rights in the new company, and the two parties finally reached an agreement.

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On February 3, 2000, German Mannesmann and British Vodafone finally officially announced their merger. Ghent, President of Vodafone UK, and Ethel, President of Mannesmann, Germany, jointly announced that they have reached an agreement to merge the two companies, involving nearly 400 billion German marks, equivalent to 200 billion US dollars. In this way, the two parties ended the three and a half months of bargaining and completed the merger of companies with the largest amount involved so far.

Since then, the British Vodafone Air Communications Company has continued to make large-scale acquisitions. The company is acquiring a large share of a Japanese company and annexing an Irish wireless communications operator. In November, Vodafone agreed to buy a 25% stake in the mobile phone subsidiary of Swisscom AG (SCM) for US$2.85 billion. Vodafone also agreed to pay $ 2.5 billion purchase of China Mobile 2.2% stake in telecommunications company (China Mobile Ltd).

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Vodafone Group invested 300 billion US dollars in 2001 to expand its scope of strength to 28 countries around the world, including the acquisition of Japan Telecom Holdings Inc. for 11.5 billion US dollars. Today, Vodafone plans to acquire shares in several branch companies in Sweden and Portugal, and sell part of its 3G business in Japan to Softbank in order to focus its attention on the mobile phone sector and compete with Japan’s DoCoMo Group and KDDI.

While rivals such as France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom are selling assets to alleviate debt pressure, Vodafone still insists on its expansion strategy. As a global mobile communications provider, Vodafone has long been ambitious for the US market. Vodafone holds a 45% stake in Verizon, another US telecom operator, but it is inconvenient for Vodafone to be unable to hold a controlling stake. Therefore, the acquisition of AT&T Wireless is a golden opportunity for Vodafone.


A theme element of the mobile phone, change the shortcut of the mobile phone desktop.

On March 16, 2007, Vodafone announced the establishment of China Sourcing Center (CSC) in Beijing. Vodafone Chairman John Pang and Global Supply Chain Management Director Delof Schultz came to China and said that Vodafone will strengthen its procurement in China Hardware equipment and contract negotiations with local manufacturers, it is reported that 44% of the terminals sold globally in 2006 came from China, which is one of the reasons why Vodafone values ​​the Chinese market.

Vodafone set up a representative office in China in 2001 and established a Chinese company on February 7, 2007. The purchase amount in China is 200 million euros. It is planned that Vodafone's purchases in China will reach about 1 billion euros in the next three years. In Vodafone’s procurement category, services accounted for 23%, IT accounted for 8%, network equipment accounted for 31%, and terminal equipment accounted for 37%. The percentage of savings in purchasing varies by product category.

F1 McLaren racing suit

Vodafone sponsored the F1 McLaren team. Vodafone is excited about entering a new phase of participating in racing competitions. As the title sponsor and official mobile communications partner of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team, Vodafone has maximized its joint relationship with F1 sports. From January 1, 2007, Vodafone has committed to implementing the long-term agreement between it and the McLaren F1 team. check not Vodafone NHS Discount Code UK voucher and promo codes

This sponsorship demonstrates Vodafone’s continued commitment to the F1 World Championship. F1 sports continues to develop its extensive global TV coverage, which is a major attraction for Vodafone consumers and business customers worldwide.

This title sponsorship includes the team’s name becoming "Vodafone McLaren Mercedes" (Vodafone McLaren Mercedes) and as the team’s "official mobile communications partner", Vodafone’s 2007 new car, drivers and pit crew’s Work clothes and helmets have become the most powerful title sponsor brand. As we enter this exciting new partnership, the joint rights obtained provide a unique opportunity, and brand awareness will continue to increase through the team’s name and trademark. Its partnership with the fleet, through advertising, customer hospitality, mobile communication content, mobile phone display sales and promotions, has formed a powerful integrated marketing platform. Innovative activities will inspire Vodafone customers’ preference and loyalty to Vodafone. The attitudes and values ​​between Vodafone and McLaren can produce significant synergies, which will lead the partnership to success.

European teams

Vodafone sponsored the Greek team Olympiacos and the Manchester United team that had sponsored England from 2002 to 2006.

Acquisition plan

On June 23, 2013, Vodafone, the world’s second-largest mobile network operator, planned to acquire German cable operator Kabel Deutschland Holding, and offered an offer of 7.7 billion euros ($10.1 billion).

Vodafone’s offer of 87 euros per share will further strengthen its position in Europe’s largest economy. It is reported that the transaction will be completed in cash. Kabel Deutschland has a debt of 3 billion euros. If the acquisition is completed, these debts will also be borne by Vodafone. The parties to the acquisition did not comment on the matter.

According to the German takeover law, if Vodafone makes an official bid, Kabel Deutschland shareholders have 4 to 10 weeks to dispose of their shares, while the company’s management has nearly two weeks to make recommendations.


The market’s interest in European cable television continues to heat up. Liberty Global acquired the British cable and Internet provider Virgin Media for US$24 billion in stocks and cash.

Liberty Global has broadband networks in more than 12 countries. In June 2013 [8]  , this company also confirmed its interest in the acquisition of Kabel Deutschland. However, analysts believe that the German Cartel Office (German Cartel Office) may not approve such a transaction. Two years ago, Liberty Global acquired Kabel Baden-Württemberg for $4.5 billion. Some analysts predict that the company may want to take a new acquisition.

related analysis

"Freeworld may hinder Vodafone's bid, but based on their balance sheet and promised share repurchase, Kabel Deutschland's 11 billion euro quotation may require further information from Freeworld," Sanford Bernstein analyst Robin Bienenstock Pointed out in a report.

Meaning of acquisition

The acquisition of Kabel Deutschland will strengthen Vodafone's position in Europe's largest economy. After the combination of the two companies, Vodafone's broadband network service speed can be improved. Not only that, but Vodafone can also save the network usage fees paid to Deutsche Telekom. It is reported that Vodafone has previously provided a slower fixed-line network service.

After the transaction is concluded, Vodafone will acquire more than 8.5 million Kabel users in 13 provinces in Germany. In the 2012 fiscal year, Kabel's total revenue reached 1.7 billion euros, and the company will announce its latest fiscal year's earnings this Thursday. After the acquisition, the company's agreement with Deutsche Telekom last month will also allow Vodafone to use Germany's existing network to provide customers with broadband and TV services. save with Vodafone NHS Discount Code UK and Promo Codes

Market expansion

Due to the pressure from regulators on mobile business revenue and the economic crisis in southern Europe, Vodafone has been working hard to expand its service scope in some markets. In March 2013, Vodafone and France Telecom-Orange announced an investment of 1 billion euros to build a broadband network with fibre optic cables in Spain. This is also the British company's first investment in Southern Europe. Although Spain is experiencing financial problems, the country's broadband market is still growing. [8]


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