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Meet the best jeans and jackets in fashion for men and women. We bet on our denim collections with a lot of love. Jeans are a classic pick of all time. No matter where you are, what season it is, it is always in! Denim has always been fashionable. Especially in recent years offering a classic cut and with different variants as seen in the world of ramps and catwalks. If the question is, are all jeans worn? Can we pick up those of the university school times and look fashionable? The answer, at first glance, is no. Because every year these infallible denim pants have different designs and trends. To know what to choose, we offer various stylized models for you. 

So what is your favorite pick of this season? Would you prefer wide boot jeans? They are tighter from the top but with the baggier bottom. These are ideal for women who have a large bust, wide shoulders or a chubby figure - that is, a larger upper body - or very wide hips and large back. If you love trendy skinny jeans: they are jeans that stick to the body. They make you look great, but they are not recommended for all women. We do not suggest for women with heavy bottom. Although with a long, baggy blouse, flaws can be concealed.

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 Straight jeans are a classic of all time. Boyfriend jeans as the name suggests have a very masculine cut. They are baggy and are an ideal complement for a casual dress. Mom Jeans were worn in the 90s. The icon of them being Lady Diana. These jeans fit almost all body types because nobody expects to look like a top model with them. So what’s your pick of the day? Discover all the styles and models in our store online. Enjoy hefty discounts and deals on the Sage Clothing voucher code

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