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During its journey, Lenovo has also been worthy of several important milestones. One of them was the purchase of the IBM PC division in 2005. This decision made it the world's largest international computer manufacturer. The company obtained the rights of the product lines, in addition to different prestigious trademarks. Among them ThinkVision, ThinkPad, ThinkVantage, ThinkCentre, NetVista, and Aptiva. Another of its greatest achievements was when it acquired Motorola's mobile division in 2014. And, not only did the firm conform to the computer business, but it also wanted to delve deeper into the telephony business. Motorola, therefore, was the perfect choice with a catalog of mid-range mobiles highly acclaimed by users worldwide.

Since its humble beginnings, Lenovo has been drawing an impressive graphic in the personal computer market. Under its previous name, Legend, it achieved the largest share in the Chinese market in 1996 and the Asia-Pacific region in 1999. But when did Legend become Lenovo and why? The decision to change the name of its PC brand to Lenovo occurred in 2003. It was practically made in an attempt to boost its sales abroad.

This fact marked the beginning of its rise globally. Also, this movement was followed by a successful offer in 2004 to become the exclusive technology provider. Both for the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin and the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Thanks to this, Lenovo was crowned as the first Chinese firm to become an important Olympic sponsor.

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Did you know Lenovo fixed IBM? For this, Lenovo had to disburse the amount of just over 1.2 billion euros. At that time, IBM was considered the third largest manufacturer of PCs worldwide, competing for side by side with HP or Dell. Due to this purchase, the Chinese giant achieved the rights of the product lines. It also managed to some different trademarks of IBM. Some of them as prestigious as ThinkVision, ThinkPad, ThinkVantage, or ThinkCentre.

Lenovo is still the manufacturer that sells the most personal computers worldwide. Also, it is currently a leader in 65 countries. But not only stands out in the PC sector, but Lenovo also stands out in the tablet world. Without going any further, for several years, it is the third most important manufacturer. The company has a market share of more than 10 percent. As for the professional sector. Its ThinkPad X1 range is one of the best in the market. Get yours now with Lenovo discount code UK deals and promo codes at Brand Discount.

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