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Almost everyone has spent a day walking the corridors of IKEA looking for furniture or decoration for their home, wondering if they have gotten into a maze and not in a furniture store. But, have you ever wondered who founded it? IKEA's beginnings go back to 1943 when its founder Ingvar Kamprad at the age of 17 decided to start a business with the money his father had given him for getting good grades in school. The founder didn't start selling beds, sofas, and desks like he does today; in fact, it was not until 1948 that they began to trade in furniture. IKEA's started the business by selling smaller items, such as Christmas decorations, postcards, pens, wallets, frames, and jewellery, among others.

IKEA's name has a meaning: IK is the initials of its founder and EA the first letter of the farm where he grew up (Elmtaryd). Furniture names are not made-up words, and in fact, follow a rather clever system. The different products receive real names from various categories. For example, toiletries are names of lakes, ponds, or rivers; the bedding is flowers or plants; tables or chairs are Scandinavian names, and so on. The most popular product is The Billy Bookcase which stands out for its simplicity. It is so popular that it is estimated that the company sells a unit every 10 seconds. Its success is due to its versatile and minimalist design. The world's largest store is in Gwangmyeong, near Seoul.

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IKEA's started the business by selling smaller items, such as Christmas decorations, postcards, pens, wallets, frames, and jewelry, among others. In 1994 IKEA was the first company in the world to launch an ad featuring a gay couple on American television. 1% of wood stocks are used by the company. If we consider that there are 389 IKEA stores in the world that receive 915 million face-to-face visits, in addition to 2.1 billion in the online store, this data becomes less impressive. The world's best-known furniture store has more than six decades of history.

It has never been so easy to redecorate your home and create your universe. Browse the Ikea catalog and don't miss their new products. From furniture to decorative accessories, Ikea is inspirational and innovative. Enjoy luxurious interior styles - vintage, exotic, classic elegant, coastal, contemporary, country house, industrial and more.

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A sofa for your new house, a chair for your kitchen, furniture and decoration for your garden and even decoration for your little one's bedroom with the junior collection. Discover the latest decorative and furniture trends of the French brand Ikea throughout the year. Choose from colors and textures for elegant environments to traditional, industrial-inspired furniture without forgetting all the vintage that never goes out of style. The novelties of Maisons du Monde beautify the most lackluster spaces of the house. Don’t skip the £50 off  nhs Ikea promo code UK free delivery.


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