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H&M is one of the most successful clothing stores in the fashion world. A company, of Swedish origin, that managed to revolutionize the way of dressing of the women of the small town of Vasteras and that enjoys a high status also among the most sought-after designers. Currently, you can find 5000 H&M stores worldwide. The brand was born in 1947, under the name of Hennes in the town located in Stockholm. In 1952, the store became so popular that it moved to the capital: Stockholm

In the 1960s, the owner decided to sell hunting clothes from the Mauritz Widforss brand, which led to the beginning of offering men's and boys' clothing. With this union of the surnames of Hannes and Mauritz, the brand name emerges H&M. In the 70s it begins its expansion in the world of fashion in a surprising way and begins to be listed on the Stockholm stock exchange. They also open branches in London, in Germany, in the Netherlands, and promote a line of cosmetics that are maintained to this day. The '80s was especially fruitful and became a reference brand, as they opened their store in France.

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Today, the H&M store is very popular with fashionistas. This is due, in part, to the fact that collaborations with famous brands and designers are launched every year, such as Karl Lagerfeld, Roberto Cavalli, Kenzo, Moschino, or Isabel Marant. This line is called H&M Studio and has made the brand gain popularity and has its place in the most exclusive fashion magazines. In your H&M store, you can find the latest fashion trends. You can also buy lingerie, swimwear, or accessories such as jewellery, shoes, hats, and its line of cosmetics and makeup. You can locate your H&M establishment: a space to dedicate yourself and complete your wardrobe. Fashion and quality clothing, always at the best price. Get the best of the H&M coupon code UK sale and promo codes..