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The famous “G-Shock” is a watch that resists blows so hard that it is worn by the military, adventure sports, outdoor excursions, etc. The idea of this indestructible clock came from necessity. It happens that in Japan there is a tradition that adolescents who go to Secondary School (or Secondary, depending on the country, but when they are 13 or 14 years old) their father gives them a watch. G-Shock is the toughest watch in the world. Born from the dream of developing "the unbreakable clock." Guided by the "Triple 10" development concept, the design teams sought to create a clock that resisted impacts to free falls of 10 meters, water-resistance of 10 bars and a battery lasting 10 years.

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At a time when watches were believed to be fragile objects, the creation of G-SHOCK represented a challenge. The number of experimental prototypes developed for resistance tests reached more than 200. The structural development and improvement of the components took approximately two years. After a long and hard trial and error process, G-SHOCK was introduced to the world. An impact-resistant structure that changed the paradigms about watches including the idea of a hollow protection structure which is a protection cover in all directions as well as the use of damping materials. The technological development of "absolute resistance" as well as the revolution of the design of conventional watches is what G-Shock is all about. Don’t miss the incredible offer on the G Shock sale UK promo code and voucher codes.


Since its launch, G-SHOCK has evolved for more than 30 years, tenaciously carrying out the spirit, passion, and commitment of its creator and with a team to persist and believe in the unbreakable watch. A sturdy bezel is used to protect the buttons and glass against impacts from any angle. This design concept is basic for all G-SOHCK models. Urethane strap absorbs impacts. The belt acts as a shock absorber against impacts, protecting both sides. The belt contains strict standards on the resins used, neither too soft nor too hard, a perfect balance between strength and comfort. Click on the G Shock discount code and coupon codes.