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The sales of digital videogames have surpassed the physical ones, as it has been for years in the PC segment. PlayStation 4 maintains a Blu-Ray reader compatible with games and movies (also 3D). The console does remain oblivious to the testimonial Blu-Ray 4K UHD, emerged in line with the panels of that resolution. Its interface also allows you to play multimedia files (music, photos, and videos, incompatible formats) stored on hard drives or USB memory sticks but discards traditional audio CDs. How can you keep your CDs, DVDs, Xbox, and PlayStation in good a running condition? The solution is to keep the discs in their boxes properly closed and placed with the audio or data layer down to last longer. Click for a Fanatical discount code and promo codes

New Samsung and LG Smart TV applications for NFL Game Pass will be available for download at the beginning of the 2019 NFL regular season, giving you the ability to watch the NFL on more devices than ever. This season, you will be able to know the highlights of the NFL, by having them downloaded automatically directly to your mobile device or tablet. This year, there will be 17 new episodes of the hit Fanatical: Film Sessions series, with new episodes available weekly. Use the Fanatical voucher code and promo codes.