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Our furthermore DJM Music discount code, promo and voucher codes sales team is here to help you with your queries on products. You can, for instance, get in touch with us on Live Support, through our ‘contact us’ page. We are completely able to answer the vast majority of your questions.

Do we sell products online?

Brand discount is somehow based just online and all of our products are on the website. We do not have a shop front.

How will I know if a DJM Music Discount code product is suitable?

Some DJM Music voucher code and promo code additional instruments that children start out on have a smaller size! It is more suited for them such as 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 sizes. These are for instance usually string instruments prices such as guitars, violins and violas. Other additional instruments like woodwind and brass have a standard size which is in use by the adults and children alike. Ukuleles, as well as Recorders, are generally in use in the soprano key for beginners. Drum Kits reviews are for instance done in Junior and Full sizes with 3 and 5 pieces set. It is available for Juniors roughly between the ages of 3 and 10 years.

Do you hire musical instruments/equipment?

Certain additional DJM Music promo code products on our website are hired items and say as such in the title of the item. Hire fees are somehow payable at the checkout and consist of a hire fee, a delivery, and a top collection charge.