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The Chinese name of CASIO is Casio. The Casio brand originated in Japan. It was founded in 1957 as a computer manufacturer, Casio Computer Co., Ltd. Now it has developed products such as calculators, electronic watches, electronic musical instruments, and LCD TVs. These products help people all over the world to obtain information. Casio's business philosophy is "contribute and create."

Brand characteristics

Casio watches appropriately apply high, precise, and cutting-edge advanced technology to wrist timepieces with new liquid crystal technology, and continuously improve the development level of wrist timepieces-the spirit of "wrist technology" that Casio has always advocated Mainland China has also been followed and spread. Casio has been unremittingly developing "wrist technology products" that is unparalleled in the industry and its motto is to continuously provide new products with the value of the times.
Casio.com Watches promotes sports and leisure watch brands G-Shock and Baby-G, which integrate multi-function and new fashion. After branding activities during the market development period, they are popular among young people and become trendy, fashionable and high-tech. Synonymous with electronic watches with diversified functions. In addition to G-shock and Baby-G, there are many varieties of multi-functional electronic watches such as PROTOEK, SEA-PATHFINDER, WRIST NETWORKS, etc. The common feature is that they can all reflect the technical characteristics of Casio WRIST TECHNOLOGY (wrist technology) , Is popular in the market for its advanced digital technology application.

Company philosophy

Casio Computer Co., Ltd., which started its business as a computer manufacturer, has now grown to have calculators, electronic watches, electronic musical instruments, LCD TVs and other products that help people around the world obtain information. Today, the exchange of multimedia data: including images and sounds, has become more and more convenient, and more and more people in the world have more universal values, which will lead us into a new era. To achieve all of this, some world-class data processing systems are needed that are easy to operate. In "Casio", we always pay attention to every consumer and strive to achieve the goal of "personal multimedia". Products include pagers, mobile phones and other communication products; LCD digital cameras and other image data transmission products.
We are convinced that our products will bring more joy and convenience to human life. They will certainly have the characteristics of simple operation, complete functions and practicality while having high quality. In order to achieve all of this, we take research and development of new products as our core business philosophy. We are also committed to the development of products in some basic fields such as system equipment, software, and electronic devices. These products will make the dreams of mankind around the world a reality.
We believe that producing new and innovative products to serve the whole society is the essence of every manufacturer. No experience can compare to the great joy that your company creates when the product that drives the progress of world civilization. At Casio, we are committed to the development of new products and contribute our strength to make the world we live in for a better place.