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Giorgio Armani is an Italian luxury fashion company with several product categories such as accessories, garments, cosmetics, fragrances, home interiors, jewelry, watches, and glasses. For this, the firm operates with various submarines such as Giorgio Armani, Collezioni, Emporio, Jeans, Junior, Exchange, Dolci, Prive, and Casa. The company's diversification extends to segments such as cafes, bars, restaurants and nightclubs in various parts of the world. The brand is also present in the hotel sector, after signing a contract with Emaar Properties in 2004 to build and operate in at least seven luxury hotels and three resorts. Are you excited to shop at this Italian luxury store? We bet you will love the discount offers on the Armani voucher code.

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Giorgio Armani is the flagship and its most expensive brand, which has a presence in some 80 boutiques around the world. Armani is not one of the typical designers with diva aspirations that are satisfied with a luxury firm and his name. He is different. His empire encompasses everything related to fashion and art, leaving nothing in the inkwell and offering the world a vision of what is necessary for society through its foundations and its creations. This Italian designer is closely related to his native country and his homeland: Paris. Giorgio Armani also participates in that great haute couture, but continues to set his pace of street style. The natural, sophisticated, casual and avant-garde looks attract major attention. You can’t miss the Armani discount code Uk sale voucher and promo codes.