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History of Abe Books:

In 1995, AbeBooks promo code used to be centre by Rick and Vivian Pura, and Keith and Cathy Waters. It used to be included in 1995 and launch its web sites in 1996, at first consisting of listings for solely four bookstores. The employer name "Abebooks" is derived from their original name, "Advanced Book Exchange".

Primary services of Abebooks:

From the late Nineties to 2005, Abe Books had reseller agreements with eBay, Half.com, Barnes & Noble.com, BibliOZ.com and Amazon.com. It is permitting Abe Books to market and sells booksellers' books thru those channels. Hence these agreements had been dissolved in 2005. Abe Books currently solely has a reseller agreement with Amazon.com. In 2001, AbeBooks acquired Germany's JustBooks GmbH online e-book marketplace. Helped the enterprise increase into the German, French and British online bookselling markets.

High Popularity of AbeBooks Voucher Code:

In 2004, AbeBooks promo code extended its model to consist of new books, and received the Spanish agency IberLibro, to better serve Spanish language markets. 2004 AbeBooks bought IberLibro.com in October and its inventory into the AbeBooks' database in December 2006. In 2005, Abe Books UK sales received BookFinder.com in November, an American ebook price evaluation "metasearch" purchasing service site.

In 2006, Abe Books stores obtained Fillz in February, a book-inventory and order-management company. It purchased a 40% stake in LibraryThing in May, a social networking and book cataloguing website for bibliophiles. In 2008, Abe Books received Chrislands in April, a business enterprise that hosts websites for over one thousand booksellers.  AbeBooks discount code offers were awarded the British Columbia Technology Industry Association Impact Award in June for Leadership in Social Responsibility. It was charitable activities, literacy initiatives, and dedication to environmental friendliness in its enterprise practices!

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