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During the last decade, the mobile has unified advanced functions for which we previously needed dedicated devices: GPS, FM radio, voice recorder, calendar, alarm clock, etc. In recent years this trend has focused on photo cameras and, although in principle the objective was compact cameras, the level of specialization and technical improvements have put the reflex cameras even in the brand. Hence the accessories play an important role in this era. Never miss 7 day shop voucher code

Let’s check out more such examples. The portrait mode of smartphones, in which the background is blurred so that the main motive gains prominence. During the last two years, this effect has been refined a lot and there are already mobiles that when applied it is difficult to distinguish if the photo has been taken with an SLR camera or with a smartphone. Faced with this incredible improvement in the image quality offered by today's smartphones, we must secure the screen from scratches or from breaking down with the help of high-end smartphone accessories that is top-quality screen protectors.

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 When it comes to securing our high-end cameras, we must take care of them by placing them packed in camera cases, bags, and pouches of the highest-quality. Even if you leave the cameras at home and choose the smartphone as the only photographic tool, make sure they are in their case. So not just protecting the screen but the back of the smartphone is important too. Why don’t you choose high-quality, non-breakable smartphone cases? Look for super sturdy mobile cases available in a variety of prints, designs, and colors.

There are several factors that we must keep in mind before purchasing smartphones and cameras. Resolution is the number of pixels that the image contains. A higher resolution (more megapixels), higher image quality, always depending on the size of the sensor. Optics: are more or less luminous objectives, as well as more or less angular optics. Optical zoom: helps us to record objects that are at a distance. Grab instant reduction on 4Gadgets NHS discount code and voucher codes for exclusive deals.