Tower Fan With Remote Control

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Tower fans with remote control UK are also known as convection fans. Based on the principle of airflow, the tower fan allows the indoor and outdoor air to form a three-dimensional exchange system, similar to the blower of the stove, even if there is no fan. The fan is used with the air conditioner to form a circulation of airflow, which is suitable for families with elderly and children. Its 360-degree omnidirectional air supply makes the room free from dead corners and makes people feel comfortable. The price of tower fans is relatively high, many of which are more than 400 yuan.

Definition principle of Tower fan with remote control

The tower fan is called the “building fan” in the industry. It derives from its slender and upright shape, resembling a building, so it called the building fan to distinguish it from the traditional turning fan. The English name is “Tower fan.” After arriving in China, the literal translation commonly known as “tower fan.” Because it very vividly describes the form of this fan, is widely used by people.


Passing, the wind is “flipped” through the cross-flow fan to form an airflow-the wind pressure is generated by the wind wheel to generate centrifugal wind,

Tower fan schematic

Finally, the wind transmitted through the internal wind guide wall. Since the cross-flow wind wheel is generally cylindrical, the three-dimensional airflow wall obtained by using the tower fan, or “air curtain,” is perpendicular to the ground and swings left and right. Also, the cross-flow wind wheel has many blades, so the air supply is even and soft, very close to the natural wind.

From 1986 to 2003, due to its high cost, the tower fan was rarely sold in the country and was mainly used for export. It exported to Japan, the United States, Germany, France, and other developed Western countries.

In 2004, domestic enterprises launched 360-degree fan tower fans;

In 2005, an enterprise in Foshan developed an internal swinging tower fan, which made the fan body immobile, and the internal components rotated to form a left and right swing air supply, but the air supply angle was small. However, this improvement improved the swing structure of the traditional tower fan. Therefore, the swing member does not need to support the load-bearing fan body to swing, reducing the friction effect, and the safety index of the tower fan is much improved.

In 2008, domestic companies redesigned the swing principle of the tower fan, the first to launch a rotating mesh tower fan, through grid rotation, to achieve the left and right swing air supply. Still, the fan body is stationary, and the air supply angle has doubled The increase in airflow has reached a large aspect of 110 ° swinging from side to side. The lighter swing support structure, there is no moving wire of the traditional tower fan inside the fan body, and the safety performance is further improved;

In 2009, the “inclined rotating fan” appeared on the market and won the “2009 China IF Design Award”.

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Common function

General function

Sleep wind, beach wind, mountain wind, natural wind, average wind, and other air supply functions;

Additional features

1 Air freshening function

Aromatherapy function-through the aroma box placed in the air inlet of the fan, to add aroma to the circulating air;

Humidification and cooling-by placing ice cubes in the water tank situated at the air inlet, the sky is cooled by ice, but the effect is general;

Negative ion function-a negative ion generator is installed in the fan body to generate a high concentration of negative ions to achieve fresh air;

Photocatalyst freshness-by setting a photocatalyst filter module, the air can be cleaned and disinfected;

2 Intelligent control function

Generally, a “microcomputer temperature sensing system” is added to realize the smart control of the supply air volume by sensing the change of room temperature

3 Power-off memory function

Remember the state of the user’s last use of the fan, directly enter the final state after booting

Pros and cons

main advantage

Small size and space-saving; wind wheel flowing through, soft air supply; small grid to avoid accidentally hurting children;

The main disadvantage

Low power and low air supply volume; high cost and high price; traditional building fans are not easy to clean;

Scope of application

Because the air supply is gentle, the wind frequency is high, and there is no dizziness; it is very suitable for the elderly, children, hospital wards, and other people who need care.

Tower fans are mainly used in conjunction with air conditioners abroad to enhance convection and increase the cooling sensation, to achieve an excellent energy-saving effect.

Instructions for use

The operation method is consistent with the traditional fan usage method.

It should note that the traditional tower

Tower fan with remote control UK instructions

The air oscillates, the entire fan body shook, and the control panel swings and moves randomly, which is difficult to operate;

the fan body is stationary, the internal components are rotating and swinging, the control surface will not turn with the fan body swinging, and the operation is smooth.

Purchase and maintenance

Tower fans can purchase from the use occasions and functions, such as in the office, you can choose the tower fan with a higher fan body. About 1-1.2 meters tall, just blowing all over the body. If you put it on the desktop, you can choose a desktop fan. For example, in the living room, choose a fan with a large air volume. If used for the elderly, it is best to choose the one with remote control function. For better cleaning and maintenance, it recommended purchasing a tower fan with a simple removable module.

In terms of maintenance, the tower fan is the same as the conventional fan. When not in use, it is best to clean the fan again, plus the fan cover to prevent dust.

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