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Tony Stark Glasses UK is basically a must-have accessory for stars. First of all, because of its large size, it can be worn on the face. A small face can cover the entire face, and a large face can cover 1/2 to 1/3. Another advantage of choosing dark glasses is that when wearing such glasses, others can’t see their own eyes, and they can look around under the cover of the glasses.
Eyes and skin are the same. If they are injured by strong ultraviolet rays, prolonged exposure to the sun will increase the risk of cataracts. Therefore, when choosing to buy online Tony Stark Glasses UK, it is necessary to consider its ultraviolet over function. The stronger the filtering function, the better the protection effect. Many people think that the darker the lenses, the more they can avoid sun irritation. In fact, they are not.
The darker the lens is, the larger the pupil of the wearer will be, so if there is no UV filtering function, the damage to the eye will be greater. The national quality standard for Tony Stark Glasses is: it can transmit more than 95 cages of ultraviolet light; the light transmittance should be about 5% -30%, the bilateral lenses are fairly uniform and the difference is not greater than 5%, and they are not deformed when they look at the object. Comfortable and beautiful.

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