Hot Wheels Marvel Character Thanos Car (Infinity War) Die-Cast Vehicle

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The Thanos Car has many control actions. Check the control sensitivity one by one when selecting. Pay special attention to the antenna of the transmitter to the longest when starting the inspection. After everything is normal, shorten the antenna slowly and observe the shortening of the control distance. Generally, when the antenna is reduced to half its full length, and the control distance is shortened by one third, it is normal. Buy best Thanos car for sale in UK at Brand Discount

Best Thanos Car UK For Sale

For children under 6 years old, just choose a single channel remote control toy. Its actions are relatively simple. The launcher also has only one button, which can only control the toy to change one action, such as changing from forward to backward. For children over 6 years of age, you can choose multi-channel remote control toys to allow children to master more complex manipulation skills.

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