Majestic International Men’s Satin Lined Smoking Jacket

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Best Velvet Smoking Jacket UK for Men for sale online# Today Smoking dominates the hot search for a day, but right and wrong Phoenix still does not want to make a judgment. I just want to say that although smoking is not encouraged, you can wear a smoking jacket~ Smoking equipment English name: Le Smoking. At first, it meant that the men in high society took off the tuxedo and sat in the smoking-room to smoke after dinner.

Yes, this smoking suit used to be a male-only, and a girl wearing it is equivalent to a crime!

It was not until 1909 that the Code of Napoleon abolished the ban on women from wearing trousers. However, the road for girls to “wear pants” is still bumpy.

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.In the 1930s, German actress Marlene Dietrich was warned by local police while travelling in Paris and barred her from appearing in public in pants.

Saint Laurent’s best friend Nan Kempner, wearing a smoking jacket, was prevented from entering when she walked into La Côte Basque restaurant in New York. Nan took off his trousers and walked into the restaurant wearing a suit jacket.

If Ms Chanel is the foundation of women’s pants, it is thanks to Mr Yves Saint Laurent that he designed the first women’s smoking suit in 1966!

Smoking added to the 1967 show, which caused an enthusiastic response from the audience.

How hot is the smoking response? Even the coolest New York nightclub queen, Bianca Jagger, was wearing a smoke wedding dress for her wedding.

In 2002, at the farewell fashion show of Mr Yves Saint Laurent, he used smoking clothes as the finale of the show, reappearing the development process of nearly 40 years since the birth of smoking clothes in 1966.

Since the advent of female smoking clothes, the characteristics of each year are different. In the heyday of the feminist movement in the 1980s, the shoulder line emphasized, and the shoulder pad element.

By the 1990s, the three-dimensional cutting technique was incorporated into the smokers’ clothing, and the trousers to the ground.

Best Velvet Smoking Jacket UK for Men

The change of texture and colour is indispensable for smoking equipment in the development of the times. The checkered wind that has been blowing for a long time in the fashion circle has become one of the hottest styles of smoking equipment!

Although the plaid looks simple, it is very technically tested.

Because when making checked clothes, you need to stitch each piece of fabric together perfectly like a high-level suit.

The lines of the lattice must be symmetrical and accurate to the millimetre. It takes longer to produce than a regular suit. The “old-fashioned” plaid comes with stylish and sophisticated attributes. Is it not likeable?

When the retro resurgence, the checkered and smoking elements collide together, it feels different.

Left: Carolina Herrera Spring / Summer 2019; Right: Gabriele Colangelo Spring / Summer 2019

Almost every female celebrity has a smoking jacket, so who can control the smoking outfit well? You come to judge. ↓ Best Velvet Smoking Jacket UK for Men sale online at Brand Discount

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