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Ultrasonic slimline washing machine, involving innovative designs in the field of washing machines, can be applied to various types of slimline washing machines. The washing conditions of the conventional full washing machine are all accomplished by repeated rotation of the pulsator or the drum to disturb the water flow and cause the clothes to move and rub against each other.
The traditional slimline washing machine uses a lot of detergents, pollute the environment, consume large amounts of water and electricity, clothes are easy to entangle and wear, but the washing effect is not ideal. The ultrasonic washing machine is equipped with an ultrasonic high-frequency oscillator inside the washing machine.
The principle of the ultrasonic wave is used to generate high-frequency oscillating waves, which generates a large number of tiny bubbles between the water flow and the clothes. The air pressure shock wave generated when the bubbles break is used to completely separate the dirt from the clothes. The washing condition is automatically completed, no or less detergent is used, improving environmental pollution, saving water resources, and the washing effect is very good.

basic introduction of slimline washing machine

Slimline washing machine generally uses detergent to chemically react with the dirt on the clothes and then use clean water to discharge the dirt out of the machine to achieve the purpose of washing the clothes. However, this cleaning effect is relatively limited and can only clean the surface of the clothes. The residual washing powder or detergent on the surface of the clothes can also irritate human skin.

Unlike traditional washing methods, ultrasonic slimline washing machine mainly uses the ” cavitation ” effect of ultrasonic waves to generate huge energy, dissolve the dirt from the clothes and dissolve them into the water, and then beat and wash the clothes through the rotation of the inner cylinder, Wash clothes.
The biggest advantage of using ultrasonic washing is environmental protection. Among ordinary washing powders, an additive called sodium phosphate plays a role in decontamination. After the sewage containing sodium phosphate is discharged into the ground, it will cause water pollution; the phosphorus substitute 4A zeolite used in phosphorus-free washing powder will also pollute the water quality. An ultrasonic slimline washing machine is not only pollution-free but also save water by one third compared to ordinary Best Top Loading Washing Machine.

elated principles

When the ultrasonic high-frequency (20-50KHZ) mechanical vibration is transmitted to the cleaning liquid medium, the liquid medium will generate near-vacuum “cavity bubbles” under this high-frequency wave vibration. The “cavity bubbles” are strongly The role is called ” cavitation “. The relevant theory of “cavitation” is as follows:
1. When the main cavity bubble constantly collides, disappears, or merges in the liquid medium, it can use the surrounding local to generate great pressure. This extremely strong pressure is enough to change the substance molecules, causing various chemical changes (breaking, cracking, oxidation, Reduction, decomposition, combination) and physical changes (dissolution, adsorption, emulsification, dispersion, etc.).
2. Resonance, when the intrinsic change frequency of the vacuole cell is equal to the vibration frequency of the ultrasonic wave, resonance can occur. A large amount of thermal energy is accumulated in the resonant cavity bubble, which is enough to break the chemical bond of the surrounding material and cause a series of chemical and physical changes.
3. When the cavity bubble is formed, a large potential difference is generated between the two bubble walls, which causes the gas in the cavity to be activated. This activated gas, in turn, triggers the activation of the surrounding substances, resulting in a series of chemical and physical substances. Variety. It can be seen that ” cavitation ” provides the energy required by the substance when physical and chemical changes occur, but the ideal cleaning speed and effect also depend on the cleaning medium, that is, the nature of the cleaning solution. This property is reflected in the various physical and chemical changes that occur between the cleaning fluid and the dirt. It should be able to weaken and remove the adhesion and binding force between the dirt and the surface of the glass parts, and clean and maintain the original surface appearance.

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