Samsung A10 Review -Camera, Screen, Performance, the industry’s top master

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With the advent of the 5G era, people are browsing social media platforms to watch pictures and videos faster and faster. As a carrier of information transmission, mobile phones not only play the role of content display. In more and more scenes, everyone started to use mobile phones to produce content: take photos to send friends, take videos to upload video sites and so on. This puts forward higher requirements for the camera shooting performance of mobile phones. If you ask, what is the best price phone for taking photos and videos? I will tell you: Samsung A10 review UK Deals Online at Brand Discount.

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As Cui Shengzhi, President of Samsung Electronics Greater China, said, “The camera function is one of the important factors people consider when buying smartphones.” Making the camera function well is the focus of many mobile phone manufacturers in these two years. The shooting effects of the products are among the best in the industry, and the appearance of the A10 series has widened the gap with other manufacturers. Let’s take a look at the performance of the A10 series in the photo session.

samsung a10 review

Samsung A10 Review UK High-resolution tape to a good picture quality

The three machines in the Samsung A10 review UK. The main and auxiliary lenses of the A10  and A10  + are 12 million + 64 million pixels, and both lenses support  OIS optical image stabilization, and the 120-degree super-wide-angle lens is also It is 12 million pixels. The Samsung A10 Review UK main lens pixels have reached 108 million. What can high pixels bring? First, when taking photos, high pixel resolution can perfectly preserve any detail in the picture, regardless of whether the photo is in the centre or edge. Secondly, the 100-megapixel photo is also ready for later cropping. If you want to adjust the composition, you do n’t need to worry about the sharpness of the image after zooming in, and the photo is still clear.

100 times the change of focus to make far nearly insight

If you want to shoot a relatively wide scene, you can adjust the camera to a wide-angle mode, and you can get a photo with a 120-degree angle of view;  you want to take a portrait, then just use 2-3 times the telephoto It can achieve a large aperture photo with real and virtual; if you want to shoot the scenery in the distance, you only need to zoom in and zoom in. With the 10x optical zoom provided by the periscope lens on the Samsung A10  Ultra and the 108 million super lens of the main lens The high-resolution, 100-fold magnification instantly pulls the vision to your eyes, allowing you to savor it.

8K makes the video clearer

Samsung Galaxy A10  brings a qualitative leap in mobile video resolution. In many brands still staying at the stage of 4K resolution video, Samsung is the first to bring 8K resolution video to real life. What does it mean to increase the resolution from 4K to 8K? 8K is 4 times that of UHD and 16 times that of FHD, which means that you can capture it from the video at will and get a 33-megapixel high-resolution photo, whether it is video It is more convenient and clearer to record life or share wonderful moments.

The combination of hard and soft is the real experience

The hardware is done, there is one more point to take when taking pictures, and that is the photographer. It is said that the camera is used to record beautiful things, but whenever a girlfriend puts on a bunch of poses, but you can only take pictures with closed eyes, you will definitely be endlessly ridiculed. For this kind of situation, Samsung specially designed a one-click multi-shot function.

When the function is turned on during shooting, the phone will call multiple cameras to shoot this moment at the same time. You can get multiple photos with different compositions and different viewing angles with one shutter, and you only need to click in the album to complete the shooting easily. In addition, because the Samsung A10  series also has the function of 8K ultra-high-definition video recording, you can also choose to record a video while taking a picture, and then operate the interception in the video to get a 3300w pixel still photo. With the assistance of the above two smart technologies, are you still afraid of taking good pictures?

Samsung A10 Review UK specialized of significant shown

With good photos and videos, you ca n’t do without a good screen. “It is close to the perfect calibration accuracy and performance of the textbook, which is visually perfect.” Screen evaluation organization DisplayMate commented on the Samsung A10  review UK. In the test, DisplayMate gave the A10  Ultra A + rating, and pointed out that the screen broke (or reached) “12 smartphone display performance records.” As far as practicality is concerned, the brightness performance of the A10

Ultra is 14% higher than the previous generation, and the brightness in the sunlight can be as high as 1342 nits. At the same time, in terms of screen color accuracy, the A10  Ultra screen has reached 110% DCI-P3 and 139% sRGB. In human language, this is the most perfect screen on a mobile phone. ps: Designer classmates no longer have to worry about color accuracy!

Not yet finished, in order to further improve the daily use of the mobile phone and the smoothness of the game, Samsung also moved the 120Hz refresh rate used on the e-sports display to the A10  series, with a 240Hz touch sampling rate Things are done to the extreme.

Samsung A10 performance with a set

After all, it is Samsung’s flagship mobile phone. The A10  series all use the strongest processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, plus LPDDR5 and UFS3.0. In terms of memory, A10  and A10  + are both 12G memory, and A10  Ultra can choose an unprecedented 16G memory version, I believe this is catching up with the memory of many desktop computers. This is to ensure that users can get the most comfortable experience on the A10  series.

5G age, you need better it

The starting prices of the three models of the A10  series are ¥ 6999, ¥ 7999 and ¥ 9999. Although the price can not be said to be cheap, it is definitely a price and a price. You can enjoy the best mobile phone experience with this money. The new era has arrived. If you want to buy a 5G flagship mobile phone with strong performance, excellent camera video and first-class display, then Samsung A10  review UK must be your first choice.


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