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Sectional Office sofa refers to the sofa suitable for office, office and conference occasions. The sofa can be divided into a leather sofa, cloth sofa, wooden sofa, rattan sofa and so on from the material. Buy Best Large Corner Sofa for Hone Office UK for Sale online at Brand Discount

Large Corner Sofa for Office Sale the UK

By fabric

Divided into the leather sofa, artificial leather sofa, fabric sofa, solid wood sofa, etc.

By structure

Divided into steel structure, wood structure, artificial plate structure and so on.

According to specifications

Divided into a single Office sofa, double sofa, three sofas. There are also special specifications that are customized for individual needs.

Common products

1. The shape of the Large corner sofa sale UK. Sofa appearance should be full symmetry, the level of appropriate size, fabrics no color, there are strips, lattice-like flower-shaped fabric patterns should be correspondingly symmetrical. The fabric is free from defects such as damage, stains, and skipped stitches. The stitches have no skip stitches or floating threads. The exposed foam nails should be neatly arranged and free from defects such as loose knocking and flat paint removal.
2. The wooden parts of the wooden sofa. The wooden parts of the wooden sofa must be free of cracks and looseness; the surface paint film coating is smooth and smooth, the colour is similar, and there is no paint film falling off.
3. The structural strength of the office sofa. When purchasing, you can shake the armrest of the sofa and the backrest without shaking or sound. You can touch the seat and back of the sofa with your hands and press hard for 2-3 times each. It is estimated whether the sofa seat surface can withstand the pressure of the human body for a long time.

Buy Best Large Corner Sofa for Office UK for Sale online at Brand Discount

4. Leather material requirements for leather Large corner sofa sale UK. The industry standard stipulates that the products named as full leather sofas are covered with natural animal leather except for the bottom of the sofa seat surface. The product of the nominal leather sofa stipulates that the seating surface, the front of the backrest, the upper surface of the backrest and the inner side of the armrest and the upper surface of the armrest are all covered with natural animal leather.
5. The main size requirements of the office sofa. QB / T 1952.1-2003 “Software Furniture Sofa” industry-standard stipulates: the seat height of the sofa is 360mm ~ 420mm; the seat depth is between 480mm ~ 600mm; the armrest height is less than or equal to 250mm. The back height is greater than or equal to 600mm. These main size regulations are mainly to meet the basic requirements in use.

the difference:

The Sectional office sofa does not pay attention to the comfort of the sitting position, the appearance design is relatively simple, and there is no special shape. The colour is mainly black, you can add some paint wood lines on the armrest;
Civil sofas are just the opposite, with diverse appearances, comfortable seating, elegant appearance, diverse fabrics, leather, cloth, PU, PVC and other materials.


First, never consider style. Relative to the basic decoration of the family, in addition to the use function, the sofa also plays a role in setting off the environment. Therefore, the style and colour of the sofa must be unified with the main colours of home decoration and decoration.
Second, don’t consider the size. When you choose a sofa on the market, you will find that there are many sizes of sofas, there are thousands of them, so this will happen.  The Large corner sofa sale the UK you bought is too large, the living room becomes crowded, the sofa size is small, and the overall space Disproportionately. Therefore, when choosing a sofa, you should first understand the area of ​​your living room or bedroom, and then choose the appropriate sofa.
Third, never consider family habits.
Fourth, do not consider the depth of the sofa. The common size of the sofa depth on the market is 95 cm, which is suitable for people under 1.7 meters in height. Those with a height of more than 1.7 meters should choose a sofa with a depth of 105 cm, which can completely relieve the tension in the back.

Buy Office Large Corner Sofa for Sale in the UK

Fifth, don’t consider the load-bearing capacity of the sofa. To choose a durable sofa, first of all depends on whether the frame of the sofa is durable and not easy to deform.
Sixth, don’t consider the resilience of the sofa. Traditionally, only serpentine springs are used in the sofa frame. Such sofas are prone to problems such as deformation and collapse after being used for a period of time, thereby affecting the aesthetics and use of the sofa. Sofas with better resilience generally use a combination of a serpentine spring and a bandage, so that the firmness and resilience of the sofa will be doubled. Even if your child jumps on the sofa, the cushion will not be easily deformed.
Seventh, don’t consider the comfort of the cushion. A sofa that is too hard or too soft is not suitable for normal sitting and lying on the human body, and will have a certain impact on the human spine.
Eighth, do not consider the wearability and cleanability of the sofa. If there are elderly or children in the family, choose a sofa fabric with good stain resistance and wear resistance. In addition to leather fabrics, suede and twill fabrics are the first choices. This material has a delicate feel similar to animal fur. Its combination of warp and weft is dense, wear-resistant and not easily deformed.

Sectional Office Sofa Maintenance:

(The Large corner sofa sale UK can be divided into the leather sofa, fabric sofa, wooden sofa, rattan sofa, etc. from the perspective of material .}
1. The leather has a strong absorption capacity and should be antifouling. It is best to use leather softener once in spring and autumn. Please don’t rub the sofa vigorously when you usually wipe the sofa to avoid damaging the epidermis.
2. Gently wipe the Large corner sofa sale UK with a clean towel dipped in water once a week. If there are stains on the leather, wipe it with a clean wet sponge dipped in detergent, or wash it with a cloth dipped in soap water of appropriate concentration, and then let it dry naturally.
3. If you find holes, decay, or burns, ask a professional to clean them up.
4. The leather sofa should be placed in a ventilated and dry place. It should not be wiped or washed with water to avoid moisture, mold and insects.

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