Mesh Netting For Vegetables

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Insect netting mesh for protecting fruit and vegetables against insect pests. Covering fruit and vegetables with Veggiemesh® insect netting will protect your crops from a range of insect pests, birds, rabbits and the weather.

Veggiemesh® will keep out a wide range of garden pests including cabbage root fly, carrot fly, cabbage white butterfly, pea moth, leek moth, cutworm, onion fly, leaf miners and many species of aphids. If you have flea beetle or whitefly you may need
to Veggiemesh Ultrafine as the holes are smaller.

Vegetables may be covered all the year-round, from planting right up until harvest. If you are growing fruit, just lift the netting during flowering if the crop depends on pollination by bees.

Veggiemesh® is light enough so it can be laid directly over your crops but also works perfectly over any garden hoops, beds or fruit or vegetable cages. One thing to note if you are laying the mesh directly over the crop, is to allow enough slack for the growth. Once the netting has been draped over, just bury the edges or use netting pegs and clips,
ensuring there are no gaps.

Mesh size:1.35mm. Light passage = 90% and air passage = 95%. The weight is approx. 55gms/sq.m. Yarn Thickness is 0.24mm.

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