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The marble dining table is divided into a natural marble and artificial dining table. The herbal marble dining table is based or beautiful, but the price is fantastically expensive and due in imitation of the natural earth and pores according to make stains or fat penetrate, it is no longer easy in imitation of clean. The artificial marble eating table has a high density, fat stains are now not without problems penetrated, yet cleansing is easy.

The purchase method of Marble dining table

Many people prefer marble dining tables, so what is the correct way to buy online?
Brand Discount need to check the quality of the appearance of the marble dining table. In fact, as long as it is marble, there must be certain defects, mainly to see if you can choose better quality. Marble is naturally formed, and defects are inevitable, and when processing, the quality of the processing equipment and measuring tools directly affects the quality of marble.
Moreover, regarding the marble pattern, marble has a noble point because its pattern is mottled and colourful. However, if you want a better decoration effect, you should choose the same colour tone and a small colour difference.This appearance choice appear higher yet more harmonious, but the charge is typically no longer cheap. durability But speaking back, sometimes, the price is the same, but there are much different quality, this is the problem of cost performance. The glossiness of the marble surface can not be ignored. If it can have the glossiness like a mirror surface, then this kind of decoration effect is also very good.

Advantages and disadvantages of Marble dining table

General household use table will choose wood tables, but the popular marble dining table, texture and have more quality, more and more families become the pursuit! Here are some related characteristics of the dining table :
First: Because the surface of the marble is smooth, it is generally not easy to wipe off the infiltrating water and oil in time. After a long time, the only varnish can be applied.
Second: The dining table is more prominent, but it is more conducive to health than the solid wood floor material.
Third: The marble dining table is more suitable for large units because marble handling is relatively bulky. Not very suitable for moving.

The relative advantages of marble are:

1. No deformation; high hardness and strong wear resistance.
2. Not afraid of acid, alkaline liquid erosion, no rust, no oil, no sticky dust, easy maintenance,
simple maintenance and long service life.
3. There will be no scratches, it is not blocked by constant temperature conditions, and it can maintain its original physical properties at normal temperature.
4. It is not affected by moisture, and the plane is set well.

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