HomeRoots Coffee Table, Faux Marble & Brown

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HomeRoots Brown Marble Coffee Table is that the UK will ” be far ” the ship’s helm transformation from a coffee table, is the Sino- one card left. Existing in Goraba Park.

There are 12 rudder wheels in the table, and each rudder is marked with a number; the table is engraved with the words “Kuraba’s”.

Marble Coffee Table UK Appearance featured

HomeRoots Brown Marble Coffee Table UK is transformed from the steering wheel on Dingyuan Ship.
At first, there were three ships on the Dingyuan ship. At that time, they were placed in series at the rear of the deck. They were called “human steering wheels” or “spare steering wheels”. Each steering wheel needed a big man and six sailors to work together To turn it. Two of them were hit by UK ship shells during the battle of the Yellow Sea, and the third was the Dingyuan Steering HomeRoots Brown Marble Coffee Table UK at Brand Discount

The words “Kuraba’s” are engraved on the desktop. “Dingyuan” rudder wheel has 12 handles, and each rudder handle has a number mark from one mark to twelve. “Dingyuan” steering wheel is sandwiched between glass and wooden board one by one to form a tabletop.
The reconstructed Marble coffee table has a diameter of about 2 meters, and a single leg of more than 1 meter is supported on the steering wheel’s axis.
At the bottom of the Marble coffee table is a 1952 valuation sheet for this table, which costs 3,000 yen.

Pass on history

In 1934, the shrine Yūshūkan “fortieth anniversary of Sino-UK War (1934) to commemorate the exhibition was on display after the UK government has contributed to a sense of Xiegelaba family made the modernization of UK presented to the Glover family. [1] The steering Marble coffee table (as of 2014) was sealed in the Goraba Park warehouse. [1]

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