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Also known as rowing machines, rowing machines, rowing machines, rowing machines, dynamometers, land rowing machines, indoor rowing machines. Rowing is training for the purpose of water used to simulate the rowing machine movement. Indoor rowing has become a professional competition. Indoor rowing machines are also commonly referred to as dynamometers (commonly known as Ergo or ERGO in foreign countries) to measure the power consumed by athletes in sports. Get Best Cheap Home Rowing Machine for Sale UK Online at Brand Discount
The rowing machine has a good effect on the muscle strengthening of the legs, waist, upper limbs, chest and back. Each stroke, the upper limbs, lower limbs, waist, abdomen, and back will complete a complete contraction and extension during the process, which can achieve a full-body muscle aerobic exercise effect. Especially for people with a lot of fat on the waist, abdomen and upper arm, the rowing machine exercise will bring you an unexpected body-building effect.

Types of Home Rowing Machine

  • Fan magnetically controlled dual system rowing device
  • Hydraulic resistance rower
  • Wind resistance rower
  • Magnetic resistance rowing device
  • Water-resistance rowing machine
  • Swing left and right rowing machine

Home Rowing Machine

Buy guide of Home Rowing Machine

  • Should be based on the needs of their own conditions.
  • The economic situation of the family.
  • An external environment such as housing environment.
  • Compare multiple rowers such as water resistance, wind resistance, fan magnetic control and so on.
  • You should buy fitness equipment according to your physique, exercise purpose and favourite exercise method. The rowing machine is suitable for patients and infirm persons who have limited mobility, are weak or are recovering.

Action technique tips for Home Rowing Machine

The rowing action cycle is water entry, oar pulling, water exiting, and rebounding. If the rower is used initially, you can start practising from the water exit action, slowly practice from the decomposition action, and then advance to form a continuous action. The following rowing action is simply divided into four stages:

Outlet stage

Torso: moderately lean back.
Upper limb: Pull the grip below the ribs.
Lower limbs: The legs are fully extended.

Bounce phase

Torso: lean forward moderately towards the leaf fan.
Upper limbs: shoulders relaxed, arms gradually extended.
Lower limbs: When the body is leaning forward and the arms are relaxed and straightened, the legs slowly bend their knees.

Water entry stage

Torso: It can be fixed and maintained at the forward tilt angle that has been completed during the rebound phase.
Upper limbs: Relax your shoulders and straighten your arms.
Lower limbs: Individually comfortable knee bending angle, which is about perpendicular to the lower leg (tibia) and the slide rail.

Pull stage

Torso: The unfolding of the body angle is only when the lower limb kicking is about to be completed, and then the oar is completed with the upper limb.
Upper limbs: The support of the hand is very important in the early stage of pulling the paddle. Although it is not the main source of power, the closer to the water stage, the hand shows bending and the use of the back muscles. The combined force of the two is more important.
Lower Limb: The force exerted by the leg on the foot pedal is the first to start in pulling the paddle and is also the most important source of strength. Therefore, the rapid use of thigh strength (quadriceps is the most important) to extend the angle of the knee joint will be the key to determining each paddle.


Simple equipment training can easily lead to an e-sided development of physical strength, endurance, and muscular development while neglecting reaction, speed, and coordination. Therefore, in addition to conventional equipment training, necessary auxiliary exercises (such as ball games) should be added. , Martial arts, aerobics, street dance, boxing, dance, etc.), so that the body can achieve comprehensive development.

Home Rowing Machine Motor Effect

When rowing, every flexion and extension of the arm stroke can exercise about 90% of the extensor muscles, so it is really beneficial for extensors that usually do not participate in any exercise. At the same time, it also has obvious effects on the exercise of the back muscles, which allows the spine to have a greater range of movement between the forward flexion and the backward extension of the body so that the various joints of the spine can be exercised. This not only improves the elasticity of muscles but also enhances their toughness.
When practising rowing, pay attention to the continuity of the movements. There should be no pause in every pedalling and stretching movement, and it must be in place. If the amplitude is too small, the muscles involved in the exercise will not be fully extended or contracted. It stimulates the natural movements of boating. It is suitable for gyms and family sports. we can exercise muscles such as hands, legs and waists, and effectively stretch muscle groups. this is especially obvious for the lower back and can relieve back pain.
At the same time greatly improve the physiological flow activity of low back muscles. Especially suitable for white-collar workers who work in front of the computer for a long time.
Home Rowing Machine
The rowing machine is suitable for people who are usually inactive. The maximum exercise test is performed under different fitness equipment. The rowing machine can produce a lower heart rate, higher oxygen uptake and higher energy consumption, and can promote physical fitness, and can use the whole body muscles to achieve body shaping. effect. This sport is one of the most popular fitness equipment in the world, welcome to join the world of boating!

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