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The high back sofa beds UK is also called an aviation seat. When choosing a high back couch, pay attention to whether the structure of the three support points on the back is reasonable and proper, which can be judged by the trial seat. Buy best 2 Seater high back sofa beds UK sale online at Brand Discount

High Back Sofa beds Features

Its characteristic is that there are three fulcrums so that the waist, shoulders, and back of the brain are leaning against the curved backrest at the same time. These three support points do not form a straight line in space, so the technical requirements for making this couch are relatively high, and it is difficult to select when purchasing. The wooden frame of the high back sofa must be with a three-point turning surface on the shelf. Otherwise, it is difficult to ensure the position of the supporting point when performing the process of couch masking, which will bring discomfort to the user. The high back sofa evolved from a recliner. To improve the rest performance, it can also be used as a footrest and placed in front of the couch, its height can be the same as the front height of the sofa seat surface.

Range of use

Home, office, hotel, guesthouse, bar, etc.

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