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Ethernet Cable Quality identification

The three-category line’s logo is “CAT3”, the bandwidth is 10M, and it is eliminated for ten-gigabit networks; the five-category line’s logo is “CAT5”, and the bandwidth is 100M, suitable for networks under 100-megabit; “CAT5E”, with a bandwidth of 155M, is a mainstream product; the label of Category Best Extra Long CAT 6 Ethernet Cable 30M, 20M 15M, 10Mis “CAT6”, with a bandwidth of 250M, used to set up a Gigabit network

In addition to the false line, many situations in the market use category 3 lines to impersonate category 5 lines and super category 5 lines. The following is the identification method of the network Ethernet cable:

The lines in the third category are two pairs and four, and the five categories are four pairs and eight.

The outer rubber of the true thread is not easy to burn, while the outer rubber of the false thread is mostly flammable.

AmazonBasics Ethernet Cable — Cat 6

At higher temperatures (above 40 ° C), the false rubber will soften, but it will not.

The copper core material inside the real line is relatively pure, relatively soft, tough and not easily broken.

The twisting direction of the network Ethernet cable is twisted counterclockwise instead of clockwise. Clockwise rotation will affect the speed and transmission distance.

The number of turns of the wire in the network Ethernet cable is different when the pair is wound because if the number of turns is the same, the transmission signals between the two pairs of wires will interfere with each other, making the transmission distance shorter.

There is a layer of metal mesh and insulating material between the shielded twisted pair wire and the rubber, and the crystal head is also wrapped by metal.

Network Ethernet cable production

Cut: Use the thread cutting edge of the crimping tool to cut the appropriate length of network Ethernet cable.

Stripping: Use the thread cutting edge of the crimping tool to trim the thread, then put the thread into the stripping edge, let the tip of the thread and the baffle, hold the crimping tool slightly, and slowly rotate the blade to cut the twisted pair for protection Rubber, remove the rubber. (Note: the stripping is as long as the thumb) [Tips]

The length of the Ethernet cable cutter’s position away from the stripping blade is usually exactly the length of the crystal head, which can effectively avoid too long or too short stripping. If the stripping is too long, it will be unsightly. On the other hand, because the network Ethernet cable cannot be caught by the crystal head, it is easy to loosen. Can’t make good contact with the core of the network cable, of course, it can’t be made successfully.

Sort: After stripping the outer sheath, you can see 4 pairs of 8 core wires of the twisted pair network Ethernet cable, and you can see that each pair of colors is different. Each pair of wound two core wires is composed of a full-color sheathed wire and a white or half-color sheathed wire. The colors of the four full-color core wires are: brown, orange, green and blue.

Vandesail Ethernet Cable — Cat 7

When making the network Ethernet cable, the 8 thin wires of 4 pairs must be disassembled one by one, straightened, straightened, and then arranged neatly according to the prescribed line order. Arrange the 8 pins of the crystal head: put the side of the crystal head with the molding material spring down, the side with the pin upward, so that the end with the pinpoints away from you, and the end with the square hole is facing you. The leftmost one is pin 1, the rightmost one is pin 8, and the rest are in order.

Trim: straighten the thread as much as possible (do not twist), flatten it (do not overlap), squeeze and straighten it (closely in one direction), and then use a crimping tool to cut the thread flat. In this way, after the twisted pair is inserted into the crystal head, each wire can make good contact with the pin in the crystal head to avoid poor contact.

If the previously stripped skin is too long, you can cut the long thin wire here, and the remaining part of the outer insulation is about 14mm. This length is just enough to insert each thin wire into its groove. If this section is left too long, crosstalk will increase because the wire pairs are no longer twisted together, and secondly, the Ethernet cable may come out of the crystal head because the crystal head cannot press the jacket, resulting in poor contact or even interruption of the line.

The best Ethernet  cables

Insert: Yihe pinch the crystal head with the thumb and middle finger, make the side with the plastic shrapnel down, the pin side faces away from you, and resist with the index finger; hold the rubber outside the twisted pair with the other hand, slowly apply force Insert 8 wires at the same time along with the 8 wire slots in the RJ-45 head, all the way to the top of the wire slot.

Suppression: After confirming that all the wires are in place and checking the wire sequence through the crystal head, you can use the crimping tool to suppress the RJ-45 head. After pushing the RJ-45 head from the toothless side into the crimping pliers clamping slot, firmly grip the pliers (if you are not strong enough, you can use both hands to press together), and press all the protruding pins into the crystal And inside.

Cables Direct Online 30FT Ethernet Cable — Cat 5e

You can use a network Ethernet cable tester to test after you have finished both ends of the crystal head. If the eight indicators on the tester flash green, in turn, it proves that the network Ethernet cable is successfully manufactured. Any of the lights are red or yellow, it is proved that there is a disconnection or poor contact. At this time, it is best to press the crystal heads on both ends and then use a network Ethernet cable clamp to test again. If the fault remains, check the two ends. Buy Best Extra Long CAT 6 Ethernet Cable 30M, 20M 15M, 10M UK Sale online at Brand Discount

Are the core wires arranged in the same order? If they are not the same, cut the end and make the crystal head in the order of the core wires at the other end. If the core wires are in the same order, but the tester still displays red or yellow lights after retesting, it indicates that there is a bad contact of the corresponding core wires. At this time, there is no way. Best Extra Long CAT 6 Ethernet Cable 30M, 20M 15M, 10M

I had to cut off one end and make a crystal head in the order of the core wire of the other end. Then test, if the fault disappears, you do n’t have to redo the crystal head of the other end, otherwise, you have to replace the original crystal head Also cut out and redo. Until all the testing indicator lights are green. The order of the indicator lights on the tester is different for different production methods. If it is a straight line tester, the lights on the tester should be turned on sequentially. If it is a cross line, the flashing order of the section

Cables Direct Online 30FT Ethernet Cable — Cat 5e

The twisted-pair adopts a pair of mutually insulated metal wires twisted to resist electromagnetic interference with a frequency of less than 25MHz. Twisting two insulated copper wires with each other at a certain density can reduce the degree of signal interference. The electric wave radiated by each wire during transmission will be canceled by the electric wave emitted by the other wire. The name “twisted pair” also comes from this.

The wire pair is generally formed by twisting a pair of insulated copper wires of 22-24 gauge [1]  In actual use, the twisted-pair cable wraps multiple pairs of twisted-pair cables together in an insulated cable jacket. A typical twisted pair has four pairs, and there are more pairs in a cable jacket. These are called twisted pair cables. In twisted-pair cables (also called twisted pair cables), different pairs have different twist lengths. Generally, the denser the twisted wire is, the stronger its anti-interference ability is. Compared with other transmission media, the twisted pair is subject to certain restrictions in terms of transmission distance, channel length, and data transmission speed, but the price is relatively low. Get Best Extra Long CAT 6 Ethernet Cable 30M, 20M 15M, 10M UK

Twisted pair can be divided into a shielded twisted pair ( S TP = Shielded Twisted Pair) and unshielded twisted pair ( UTP = Unshielded Twisted Pair).


STP ( shielded twisted pair )has a shield layer or layers in the twisted pair, which can reduce electromagnetic interference during data transmission, so its stability is high.


UTP ( Unshielded Twisted Pair ) has no shielding layer, so its stability is poor, but its advantage is that it is cheap.

No shielding jacket, small diameter, saving space occupied;

Lightweight, easy to bend, easy to install;

Twisted-pair cables are classified according to the ISO / IEC 11801 standard. Common types include three types of cables, five types of cables and super five types of cables, six types of cables, seven types of cables, and seven types of cables. The former has a thin wire diameter and the latter has a thick wire diameter. The models are as follows:

First-class line: mainly used to transmit voice (the first-class standard is mainly used for telephone cables before the early 1980s ), which is different from data transmission and has been eliminated by the standard [1].

Two types of lines: 1MHZ transmission bandwidth is, for voice transmission and a maximum transfer rate of 4Mbps data transfer, common in specifications using 4Mbps old token-passing protocol of Token Ring (Token Ring), has been eliminated standard.

Three types of wires: The transmission bandwidth of this cable is 16MHz, which is used for voice transmission and data transmission with a maximum transmission rate of 10Mbps. It is mainly used for 10BASE-T and is regarded as the lowest use level by ANSI / TIA-568.C.2 [1].

AmazonBasics Ethernet Cable — Cat 6

Category 4 cable: The transmission bandwidth of this type of cable is 20MHz, which is used for voice transmission and data transmission with a maximum transmission rate of 16Mbps. It is mainly used for token-based LANs and 10BASE-T / 100BASE-T, which has been eliminated by the standard [1].

Category 5 cable: This type of cable has increased winding density, with a transmission bandwidth of 100 MHz, used for voice transmission and data transmission with a maximum transmission rate of 100 Mbps. It is mainly used for 100BASE-T and 10BASE-T networks and has been super category 5 cable. Substitute.

Cat5e line: It has small attenuation and less crosstalk, which increases the near-end crosstalk power and test requirements than the Cat5 line, and has higher attenuation crosstalk ratio (ACR) and signal-to-noise ratio, and smaller delay error, Performance has been greatly improved. The maximum bandwidth of Cat5e is 100MHz.

Best Extra Long CAT 6 Ethernet Cable 30M, 20M 15M, 10M

The transmission bandwidth of this type of cable is 250MHz. The PS-ACR of the CAT6 cabling system at 200MHz should have a large margin. It provides twice the bandwidth of the CAT5. The transmission performance of Category 6 cabling is much higher than the Category 5 standard, and it is most suitable for applications with a transmission rate of 1Gbps. An important difference between Category 6 and Category 5 is: improved performance in terms of crosstalk and return loss. For a new generation of full-duplex high-speed network applications, excellent return loss performance is extremely important.

Super Cat 6 cable: Super Cat 6 cable is an improved version of Cat 6 cable, which was released in 2008, and is also a double type specified in ANSI / TIA-568C.2 and ISO / IEC 11801 Super Cat 6 / E Class A standards Twisted pair cables are mainly used in 10 Gigabit networks. The transmission frequency is 500 MHz, and the maximum transmission speed can also reach 10Gbps [1], A great improvement in alien crosstalk and other aspects.

Category 7 line: The line is in ISO / IEC 11801 category 7 / F standard in 2002 [2]  An approved twisted pair, it is mainly used to adapt to the application and development of 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology. But it is no longer an unshielded twisted pair, but a shielded twisted pair, so its transmission frequency can reach at least 600 MHz, and the transmission rate can reach 10 Gbps. Show now Best Extra Long CAT 6 Ethernet Cable 30M, 20M 15M, 10M

CableGeeker Flat Black Cable with Sticky Clips — Cat 6

The purchased twisted-pair cable can generally be completed at the merchant’s twisted-pair cable and RJ45 connector. If you are free, you can also make your own, just need to buy a crimping tool.

The network cable from the home router to the computer is generally not longer than 50 meters, but the length of the network cable from the hub ( switch ) in the community or residential building to each residential unit is 100 meters. The network cable exceeding 90 meters will cause network signal attenuation. Interference along with the road increases, making data transmission prone to errors, which can cause Internet jams, webpage errors, etc., giving Internet users a feeling of slower network speed, but the actual network speed ( data transmission speed ) has not slowed down, only data errors Later, the network detection mechanism requires the error frame to be returned.

Coaxial cable

Coaxial cables are cables with a central copper conductor wrapped by layers of insulated wire. It is characterized by good anti-interference ability, stable transmission data, and cheap price. It is also widely used, such as closed-circuit TV lines. The coaxial thin cable is generally sold in the market for a few yuan a meter, not too expensive. The coaxial cable is used to connect with the BNC head. The coaxial cable sold in the market is generally a finished product that has been connected to the BNC head. You can choose it directly.

Optical cable

The optical cable is currently the most advanced network Ethernet cable, and it is cheap and popular. It is composed of many glass fibers as thin as a hair, that is, optical fiber plus insulation sleeve. Due to lightwave transmission, it is characterized by excellent resistance to electromagnetic interference, strong confidentiality, fast speed, large transmission capacity and so on.

Optical fiber is divided into single-mode fiber and multi-mode fiber [2]. Because it relies on laser or LED light source for transmission, it has high requirements for port cleaning. Ordinary dust and fingerprints will cause the attenuation of optical fiber transmission to become larger, and even communication is interrupted.

Transmission distance

Twisted pair: horizontal cable used for data transmission does not exceed 90 meters for permanent links and channels for 100 meters.

Coaxial cable: 75-7 coaxial cable is about 200-250 meters, 75-5 is about 100-150 meters.

Make material

The twisted and twisted pairs on the market are uneven, mainly on the material of the line (the quality of the following materials decreases from top to bottom):

Material description
Pure copper This kind of network cable is the best network Ethernet cable. Under the same circumstances, the resistance of copper is the second smallest, so it can be used as a high-quality wire. And suitable for POE power supply, small resistance can avoid the loss of electricity in the transmission process.
Aluminum wire The quality of this type of network ethernet cable is inferior to that of copper wire, but there is no big problem in short-distance use, so the line of the terminal or switch in the home or small office can choose this type of wire. This type of wire is only suitable for short-distance POE power supply because the resistance is larger than copper wire.
Copper clad aluminum wire This type of network Ethernet cable is plated with a layer of copper on the outside of the aluminum wire. Due to the skin effect, the conductivity of the aluminum wire is improved to a certain extent. But this kind of line is also only suitable for short-distance POE power supply, also because of the large resistance.
Copper clad iron wire This kind of network wire is plated with a layer of copper on the outside of the iron wire. Because of the skin effect, the conductivity of the iron wire is improved to a certain extent. But this kind of line is not suitable for the POE power supply, because the resistance is large.
Core wire This type of network Ethernet cable has a large resistance, and is only suitable for transmission in a short distance and when the speed requirement is not high. This type of line is not suitable for the POE power supply, also because of the large resistance.
Mixed wire In this type of network Ethernet cable, part of the wire uses copper and part of the wire uses aluminum. It is only suitable for short distances and can be used for the POE power supply. , Affecting the power supply effect.

AmazonBasics Ethernet Cable — Cat 6

If possible, you can find a 100-meter twisted pair and use the “Network Monitor” or “Resource Monitor” in Windows to test it on the spot. Category 5 cables can reach 100Mbps, and Category 3 cables can only reach 10Mbps.

The standard length of the network Ethernet  cable is 1000 feet per box (approximately equivalent to 305 meters)

The magnet can be used to identify the iron core wire. If the network Ethernet cable can be attracted by the magnet (even if it is slightly attracted), it means the iron core wire. The iron core wire has a large resistance, which seriously affects the transmission efficiency and the transmission distance. It is not recommended to buy it. High-quality network cables generally use copper as the core. Even if the wire is worse, aluminum should be used as the core.

Strip a little network Ethernet cable and take a look at the thickness of the core. If the core is thin, it will affect the transmission efficiency. Therefore, the relatively thick core should be selected.

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