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The board surface is the most important part of the skateboard component. The choice of the d has a great influence on your skateboard performance. So which plate is the best? It depends on your needs. Do you need ollie very high? Is it good to do slide? Still the most durable? Let’s take a look at several different standards for choosing skateboards. buy best budget electric skateboard UK cheap price 2020

Skateboard shape. This is the most commonly used criterion for selecting skateboards. When choosing a shape, you need to pay attention to many factors. Length, width, head length, tail length, bridge distance. Most skateboards are between 7.5 inches and 8 inches wide. Some are narrower or wider, but most of them will not differ by more than half an inch. It is best to familiarize yourself with the “inch” unit, because the boards on the market and online are in inches, and it is very troublesome to convert each into centimetres.

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There are other aspects to consider when choosing a skateboard. If your board breaks or cracks, you will need to replace it with a new one. If you often use the tail brake, the edge of the tail will become sharp, this is called “razor tail”, so that the tail is easy to break into small pieces, and then it will reduce the flexibility of the board. Water ingress and cracks will also reduce the elasticity of the board. All these factors will affect the elasticity (or length, if you wish) of the board surface.
In terms of durability, no board has an absolute advantage. Most boards are 7-layer boards, which are glued together with 7-layer sheets. Some companies claim that their boards are light. Most of them use thinner boards, or fewer layers, or cross-glue the boards. These methods make your board slightly lighter, but they also make the board slightly weaker. Some companies even add more layers or enlarge the foot sockets of the board to increase the durability of the board.

best budget electric skateboard UK cheap price

Some companies adopt different methods or innovations in the structure of the board. For example, Flip’s “New Wave Construction” patented technology adds a layer of corrugated hard bars to the surface of the board to increase the performance of the board. Real Company adopted “Triple Beam Construction”, using 7 layers of plywood, of which 3 layers are cross glued. This greatly increases the flexibility and durability of the board.
If your board is very hard, it can maximize its performance. If it is relatively cottony (water inflow, or caused by excessive distortion), then its performance is not good. But if it is too hard, it will become brittle. Then there is an intermediate value, right? Skateboard companies are generating innovation every day, trying to become board manufacturing technology to get big. But we still haven’t found which method is better. 

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