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As the person’s back rises and falls, the person’s position on the cushion will also change. For example, when the person’s backdrops, the person will move their hips back, and vice versa. The back and up of the sofa can be controlled by the up and down buttons on the button. Electric waist-assist sofa: a Leather Electric Recliner Sofa  UK   sale where the cushion can move simultaneously with the back. When a person is sitting, not only the back of the sofa is raised, but also two pillows can be raised at the waist and head, which can cushion the head and waist of the person, which will be much more comfortable; when the backdrops to a flat level When a person can lie down to rest, the back is flat, only the head has a pillow.
More upscale are double electric sofas and three electric sofas. When you sit, you get your back up, but you do n’t need a footrest in front. You can drop your feet naturally or put them in a footbath. And when the footrest is needed, it can rise naturally. (That is, the footrest is independently controlled by another set of buttons.) But because it is formed by a sloping top, the bearing strength is slightly lower. (That is, a footrest is raised under the cushion and then independently improved.) That structure is complicated, but the performance is more reliable and the grade is higher.


Four electric and five electric are based on the three electric on the back to increase the waist device and armrest lifting device. The electric massage system is equipped with a massager on the sofa corresponding to the neck, back, waist, buttocks, etc. There are vibration massager, rolling massager, airbag massager, manipulator massager, etc. Electric heating and electric cooling are combined with PTC electric heating originals and cooling originals in the seat cushion and back, which makes people more comfortable.


1. When the movable parts of the sofa are inflexible or the metal parts and connectors are loose, tighten the connecting screws or add lubricating oil appropriately.
2. When the paint on the wooden handrail is whitened due to contact with too high humidity objects, apply a hot and damp towel to the whitened area until it fades. The electric sofa is placed on flat ground, and the bottom of the four corners is preferably cushioned to prevent damage to the floor when moving.
3. Clean the dust and dirt on the surface of the electric sofa with a clean soft cloth before use. If it is made of cow leather (leather), you must wipe the surface of the sofa with care agent one or two times before use (do not use wax-based care products) ), So that a protective film is formed on the surface of the cow leather (leather) so that the dirt in the future is not easy to penetrate the pores of the leather, which is easy to clean later.
4. Avoid jumping on the seat surface of the electric sofa, to avoid deformation after partial compression and affect the use.
5. Electric sofas should avoid contacting surfaces with sharp angles or knives to prevent scratching the fabric.
6. Long-term sunlight should be avoided to cause the leather fabric to deform and lose its elasticity due to long-term exposure to the electric sofa. In the event of frequent sunlight, the sofas should be adjusted at intervals to prevent obvious color difference;

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7. Should avoid rain or excessive humidity caused by the expansion and relaxation of the leather surface of the electric sofa lose its elasticity or cause the leather to fade, blush or mildew. In places with high humidity, you can use the weak sun from 8 to 10 in the morning for 7 days, 1 hour a day, about 3 months.
8. Avoid staining the sofa with oil stains, ballpoint pens, ink, etc. If you accidentally get dirty, you should immediately clean the sofa with a leather cleaner. If there is no leather cleaner, you can use a clean white towel with a little alcohol to gently wipe the stain, then dry it with a dry wet towel, and finally, use a protective agent Care. Scrub leather sofa can not use the above cleaning methods (except for oil stains on the leather), you can gently brush with a fine copper brush to restore its beauty.
Rinse the towel (or any soft, non-fading rag) with freshwater, wring it out by hand, fold it up, hold the folded towel in hand, spray the leather protector until it is slightly wet, wipe the leather of the electric sofa, rub gently, do not Rub hard, wipe each part in order, and spray the protective agent repeatedly to keep the fabric slightly moist until the completion of the care process, restore the extensibility of the leather, thereby extending the life of the sofa.


According to function, it can be divided into an electric top waist device sofa, double electric sofa, three electric sofas, electric massage sofa. (Massage sofa can be divided into vibration, rolling, airbag, manipulator massage sofa)


1900 * 800 * 600mm pad height: 420 pad width: 600 pad depth: 550


Electric sofa fabrics are generally divided into two kinds of fabrics and leather. Fabrics include: flocking, corduroy, sackcloth, chicken skin, etc., leather includes: imitation leather, PU leather, west leather, leather, semi-cowhide, etc.

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