Best Drunk UNO Card Game Set UK For Great Relationships Fun Conversation Cards Game Uno Flip For Friends

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Drunk UNO card has been popular all over the world for decades. It is known as the most fun card game in the world. This is easy to learn and requires no brains. UNO  is suitable for people of all ages. And the most tested in this game is concentration and reaction, as well as mutual thinking contest. Buy Best drunk UNO card game set the UK for sale online at Brand Discount

Drunk UNO Game introduction

Drunk UNO card game set the UK, transliterated Spanish and Italian, is a card game invented by Merle Robbins in 1971

Currently produced by gaming company Mattel. When the player has only one card left, he must shout UNO and the game gets its name

How to play Drunk UNO Card Game


Game cards divided into four colors: red, green, blue, and yellow. Each color has 13 cards, of which 10 are number cards (0-9), and the rest are functions.

Cards: “skip” (draw a map), “draw two” (reverse card) and “reverse” (changing the direction of the map), there are two individual black cards: “wild” (turn color) and “wild draw” four. ” There are 108 cards in each deck, two sets of four colors (except 0 cards, each of which has only one game), and four sets of black cards each. In the beginning, each player draws a card, and the player with the highest number is the dealer. The banker distributes seven cards to each person in turn, and then takes the first card from the deck with the card facing up; if “wild draw four” has to be made again, the player to the left of the banker (or the banker himself if “reverse”) Deal and deal with cards in the clockwise direction (or counterclockwise if “reverse”), and the game officially started.
The card issued by the player must be the same color or number as the card issued by the previous player, but the special black card has no such restriction and can be arbitrarily issued. If the player does not have a ticket to deal with, he must take the card from the deck, and if it matches, it can be issued immediately; the player can also pretend that there is no card in his hand and draw the map, but if he wants to deal, he must also issue the card just drawn. When the player has only one card left, he must shout “UNO”; the player who finishes playing the card as soon as possible wins the game.


Draw two The next player stops playing once and draws two cards
Skip Lower player stops playing once
Reverse Reverse order
Wild dealers say one of four colors, and the next player must follow (unless a black card played)
The wild draw four dealer says one of the four colors, while the next player stops playing once and draws four cards. Can only be issued if there is no matching color card in hand


The lower the score, the better. The player who finishes playing cards is the winner and scores zero points. The rest of the players score based on the number of cards in hand. The function cards count for 20 points, and the black cards count for 50 points

Other games

Cut cards: If the color and number (or function) of the cards in the player ’s hands are the same as the cards on the table, the cards can be played out of order, so that skipped players lose a chance to deal, which can speed up the game. Schedule.

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