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Dressing table Stool refers to furniture decoration used for makeup. The term dressing table has been widely used by owners, customers, and home designers in modern homes, and now refers to furniture Dresser with Mirror for girls and women UK sale online at Brand DIscount.
The standard of the dressing table size is the total height of about 1500mm, and the width of 700mm to 1200mm. The size of this dressing table is just the right size. In the preliminary preparation before home decoration, you should determine the size of the Dresser with Mirror. At the same time, the dressing table The size should be unified with the style and style of the room.

Dresser with Mirror Purchase Tips

1. Dressing table style

Everyone has their different aesthetic visions, so as long as they like to choose the appearance, the appearance of the dressing table should be brushed with paint. This is easy to clean up so that the cosmetics will not penetrate the dresser with mirror and affect the makeup The appearance of the table. At the same time, you can also choose the style of the dressing table according to the overall style of the room.

Second, the mirror of the dressing table
When selecting the mirror of the dressing table, you ca n’t just look at it and think it ’s okay. The dresser with mirror must be designed with a folded face so that when you look in the mirror, you can see all angles of your face and see I have a problem with my makeup.

3. Check the quality of the dressing table

Most dressing tables are made of artificial plates. Owners should check their quality certificate when selecting, see the formaldehyde content and quality description of the plates. It is best to get close to the dressing table to see if there is a pungent smell. Don’t buy it.

4. The size of the Dresser with Mirror

The size of the dressing table is preferably 400 * 1000 (40 cm wide and 100 cm long), so it is easy to place cosmetics. If the size of the dressing table is too small, the cosmetics cannot be placed, it is more troublesome. The height of the dressing table is generally between 70-75 cm, this height is more suitable for ordinary height owners.

5. Matching chairs for dressing table

When choosing a dressing table, be sure to ask to see if there is a matching chair. It is best to choose a dressing table with a matching chair. This will not cause overall disharmony and cause trouble for your dressing.

6. Arrangement

It can be divided into two types: independent and combined. The stand-alone is about to set up the dressing table separately, which is more flexible and casual, and the decorative effect is often more prominent. The combination type is to set up the dressing table and other furniture in combination. This method is suitable for small families with little space.

Size concept

The standard size of the dressing table is about 1500mm in total height and 700mm to 1200mm in width.

Dressing table

The size of such a dressing table is just right. In the preliminary preparation before home decoration, the size of the Dresser with Mirror should be determined. At the same time, the size of the dressing table should be unified with the style and style of the room.

Dressing table mystery

In the opening season of the New Year, do you think that the most suitable one is missing on the dressing table! Women’s Dresser with Mirror and wardrobe are always easy to produce beautiful tangles. Why not take advantage of the happy new year to clean up the dressing-table again, empty what should be thrown away, plan what should be left, and then make a purchase plan to accurately capture the old love and new love.

Makeup and skincare

The bathroom doubles as a dressing table. If the bathroom is large enough and transparent, you can put all the skincare products you use every day in the bathroom, including body care products. The spacious and refreshing mirror surface, bright lighting, and the good skin condition just after bathing can let you solve a full set of maintenance in the bathroom in one go.

Sort baby by function

Except for the stuff currently in use, all other babies can be cleaned up and stored. First prepare two storage boxes with different colors or patterns, one for makeup and the other for maintenance; secondly, put a sticky note on the box, write the names and shelf life of all the babies in the box, so that they can be used at any time.
1. Maintenance products: First dip cotton in alcohol, and wipe the edges of the bottle cap and bottle mouth clean. This not only disinfects but also thoroughly cleans the oil and wax that are prone to bacteria in the bottle. Then seal the mouth of the bottle with tape to prevent the liquid from drying out.
2. Lipstick: Use a clean facial tissue to gently wipe off the part that has come in contact with the lips, and you can put it away.
3. Box-shaped makeup products such as eye shadow, blush, powder, etc . : First use a clean cotton pad to wipe off the used and dirty powder, then use a cotton pad to dip in alcohol, and wipe the outer shell, edge and mirror surface of the powder box, And then open it in a place where the sun is not in direct sunlight and the air circulates for 5 minutes, cover it and put it away.

Lose weight to the dresser in time

Regular cleaning of expired products

1. Mascara: As long as it is opened and used, the life span is only about 3 to 6 months. Because it is frequently pulled in and out, a large amount of air will dry the cream, and it will cause problems such as caking and fly legs. You can use the dried mascara as a brow mascara, and the effect is also good.
2. Box-shaped make-up products such as eyeshadow, blush, powder, etc .: The period of use is relatively long, as long as it is stored properly for two or three years. If it has become caked or discoloured, it should be thrown away. This is because the blush has been deteriorated due to moisture or oxidation.
3. Lotion, cream, and other cream-like care products: If it is already a bit hard to apply, or it is difficult to push it away, it means that the product has deteriorated, so throw it away as soon as possible. Even if there is no allergy on the face, there is no maintenance effect.
A few bottles of the essence, get it with an efficient mask
The whitening essence, moisturizing essence, repairing essence, and the essence war on the dressing table make the tablespace smaller and smaller. In the new year, you can try to replace the essence with a cloth mask, and apply a high-efficiency mask every three or five places. , The effect is not bad.

Tool and makeup list

According to the frequency of use
Frequently used anti-acne skincare products, small in size but always needed, are placed in easy-to-access places. Face care products that are used less frequently, or facial creams that have been applied to the body because of their poor results, are stored in hard-to-see places such as drawers.
Sort out two sets of cosmetics
If you travel frequently, it is best to have two sets of skincare products and cosmetics, one for home use and one for home use. Perfume needs “safe island”
Many people have the habit of collecting perfumes, and they have space to “show” their collections. If your dressing table is leaning on the corner, rather than next to the floor-to-ceiling window, then this is barely passable. You know, perfume is very afraid of light and heat! Therefore, you’d better put the two favorite bottles of perfume on the dressing table, and put the rest in a sealed and dark box.

Clean beauty tools

It is usually best to prepare two puffs for replacement. When cleaning, use a neutral lotion to wash, and then dry it in a ventilated place. Most makeup tools such as eyebrow brushes and blush brushes are made of animal hair, so you can clean them by washing your hair. The dirty part of the eyelash curler is mainly the two rubbers that are in close contact with the eyelashes. When cleaning, you can wipe it with cotton, and then use alcohol cotton for disinfection. If you find that the rubber part cannot be cleaned for too long, you should replace it with a new one.
Nail art fragmented into the lattice room
If you love DIY nail art, is it because of too much nail polish, nail pieces, and manicure tools, the makeup table is messed up? Very simple to put together, you just go to the supermarket to buy a non-woven small drawer box, will be able to get all these little bits and pieces: a live nail polish, nail clippers live in a variety of small rasp and Nail Stay in one room and leave another room for different eyelashes! In short, there are various floors to choose from as needed. See if the Dresser with Mirror refreshes a lot at once.


From the perspective of Yi Xue Feng Shui, the requirements for placing on the indoor Dresser with Mirror are: the mirror and any clock can not be aligned with any door of their own home, including the door, door, toilet door, kitchen door and so on. There is a lot of knowledge about the dressing table, and there are also many taboos. You must choose a suitable location for the display. Ning Xin believes that it is so that you can enjoy healthy home life.

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