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The corner computer desk is a computer used to put the table. It is a very important office and daily necessities. Modern computer desks have various styles and materials, as well as various designs. With the advancement of society and technology, the design of computer desks is also changing with each passing day.

Corner Computer Desk Purchase tips

When buying a computer desk, you should pay attention to the flatness of the board, the paint layer is free of blistering, shedding, uniform colour, no jagged at the edge joints, the plastic soft-edged stickers are not rolled, the drawer, the keyboard bracket is pushed and pulled smoothly, the table is stable. By the way, when you buy a computer desk home, it should be placed in a place with good ventilation and no direct sunlight.

Highly requested

The maximum desktop height should not exceed 70 cm. Due to the unreasonable design of computer desks, diseases such as low back pain, neck muscle fatigue or strain, hand tenosynovitis and vision loss are harming computer-related staff.
A survey provided by the labour health department showed that from 1996 to 1998, the Beijing Institute of Occupational Health Occupational Disease Prevention conducted a survey on the telecommunications industry, television stations, newspapers, laser phototypesetting workshops, and computer operators for three consecutive years, 30% The left and right respondents were suffering from neck-wrist syndrome to varying degrees, and their eyesight generally declined.
According to experts, no matter the height of the writing desk, the desk, or the height of the keyboard and mouse on the computer desk, they should be the same or slightly lower than the elbow when the person is sitting. And the top of the monitor should not be higher than the horizontal line of sight of the eyes in a sitting position, otherwise, it will cause a drop in vision.
In Japan, the standard height of desks before 1971 was 74 cm. Due to repeated occupational diseases, Japan comprehensively revised the standard of office appliances in 1971, which set 70 cm and 67 cm as the standard height of male and female desks, respectively, thereby greatly reducing the occurrence of fatigue.
In the UK corner computer desk, the currently recommended desktop height is only 71 cm. In China, the heights of computer desks, writing desks, and desks are generally higher. Relevant experts advise manufacturers to reduce the height of the computer desk, it is best to design a folding elbow support on the computer desk. Consumers can also request a customized computer desk with a lower size when purchasing.



Named for the integration of computer desks, bookcases and even wardrobes. Because it can save space and avoid inconsistent home styles, it is very popular with white-collar homes. Currently, many university dormitories also use modular computer stations.


The corner computer desk meets the needs of corners, and the unconventional Founder is named. This computer desk makes the corner of the home fully utilized, and its fashionable appearance attracts a large number of buyers.

Bed category

Mainly for the needs of fashionable people to use laptops in bed, a bit like in a hospital ward

People use a small table as a dining table with wheels underneath. At present, some young students who live on campus have arrived. The ergonomic computer table is mainly designed according to the ergonomics. It is designed according to the most relaxed posture of the operator when using the computer. A corner computer desk has a sliding drawer that can hold the keyboard and mouse. Adjust. People who have been facing the computer for a long time have a greater demand for this computer station.


It can be folded and unfolded, and it is popular with the public because it is light and convenient. Its panels and brackets are generally of high quality

Wood is the raw material, and the bracket is stainless steel tube material. Without tools, a few simple steps can convert the solid surface into three-dimensional and flat surfaces and can be stored in the closet, storage room or every corner of the room after folding. Therefore, it is demanded by urban homes, especially small-sized homes.

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