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A blush brush is a flat brush that is slightly smaller than a powder brush, and the tops of the bristles are arranged in a semicircle. The blush brush is a makeup tool used to apply blush in makeup. There are many styles, choose the right blusher brush, you can make the facial makeup more delicate.

Blusher Brush Shape classification

A good blush also needs a good blush brush to maximize the touch-up effect. It is the so-called workmanship that must be sharpened first. [1]

Pointed round brush

Also called a fan-shaped brush, the handle is purely round, the brush is also made in a perfect circle, the most common, 90% of the blush brushes on the market, the shape of the bristles is round-pointed, the easiest to eat, the color is obvious, but there is Blurred soft effect.

Round brush

It is used in the pearlescent bright powder that looks like blush but has a texture like honey powder. With pearlescent, the face is lifted and shiny, the amount of powder eaten is small, and the large area or even the entire face is not over-applied.

Bevel brush

Also called a trapezoidal brush, it has a sense of lines and can brush out obvious blocks. Usually used in areas that need special emphases, such as the chin, the bridge of the nose, or the C outside the eye. This brush will also be used when trimming, also known as the shadow brush.

Flathead brush

It is also mostly used for loose powder. The powder quality of this brush is more docile and can make the makeup last longer.

Material classification

The hair quality of makeup brushes is generally divided into natural hair and artificial hair. [2]
Mouse hair: extremely soft and smooth, without processing, it has a natural luster. The hair roots are extremely thin, which are the thinnest hair roots in existing brushes, and the hair peaks are thin and straight. Disadvantages: too soft to appear inflexible. Usually used for making loose powder and shadow brushes. buy best Blusher brush UK Available at Brand Discount
Squirrel hair: Lubrication is it’s characteristic. Mao Feng is not the best, but its wool body is the smoothest. Hairy roots are thick. Because of this, squirrel hair should not be used to make loose powder brush or blusher brush alone. Disadvantages: Because the hair is extremely smooth and the hair root is thick, when the masters are making hair, the hair is easy to fall off, and the thick hair root is easy to cause the feeling of thin and hollow hair. Therefore, it is more appropriate to make eye brushes or highlight brushes. Smaller brushes are more suitable. Larger brushes are easy to shape.
Goat wool: It is the most common and unbeatable type of hair used for makeup brushes. Because goat hair itself has high, medium and low grades, it can meet the requirements of different groups for the makeup brush material. And because the thickness of the goat hair roots is specific, it is neither too thin like a squirrel nor too thick like a squirrel, and it is easier for the master craftsman to handle. High-grade goat hair is the best material for large brushes, which not only meets the needs of softness but also meets the needs of flexibility.

Best Blush brush UK Available at Discount Price

Horsehair: There are also ordinary and high-end points; there are long and short hair points; there are natural and washed points. Washed horsehair is soft and delicate, softer than wool. Long and washed horse hair has a price equivalent to white spiked wool or even higher than white spiked wool. Therefore, please abandon the idea that Ma Mao is just waiting for Mao.
Nylon wool: commonly known as artificial wool, divided into two categories: corrugated wool and straight wire. The corrugated hair is electrified after special treatment. The hair is wavy and is scattered rather than gathered. It is mainly used as a large brush for loose powder and blush. The straight wire is divided into single-color wire, two-color wire, and three-color wire. The straight wire has good gather ability, mainly used as a foundation brush and eye brush. Of course, some brands use straight wire to make large loose paint.
The blusher brush should be as fine and soft as possible, and the novice makeup artist especially recommends the use of better quality brushes.

Common sense

A good blush brush will make rouge easy and natural.
Dip the brush into the blush powder, gently shake off the excess powder and apply makeup. If the color is not enough, you can slowly add it. It can also be used as a honey powder brush or residual powder brush.

Actual combat

Rouge makeup

Use a blush brush to create rouge makeup

Improve the feminine index
The pink blush feels different on weekdays. The blush delivered at the party is not just cute and simple. The three-dimensional gloss is the best state of the blush.
The large round head brush has an excellent blooming effect and is the basis for blushing.

Blush brush

Blush brush

Although it is also a blush brush, the brush heads of different shapes have their advantages in the application. Mastering the subtle differences can help you create the best blush effect smoothly.

Apply a flat-headed brush around the cheeks to better emphasize the contour of the blush.
Use the blush brush with a small brush head to apply blush with pearlescent ingredients to the cheekbones.
When attending a party, be sure to choose a blush that contains pearlescent ingredients. Apply a thin layer when applying, the key is to naturally blend into the complexion, giving a healthy and bright impression.
Pink cheeks
3-step blush to brush out sweet peach cheeks
If you want the cheeks to be red, then you must apply the blush lightly, so that you have a good skin texture that is white and rosy.
Since Oriental skin is mostly oily on the T-shaped part and the cheeks are relatively dry, it is recommended to use cream blush, which has a moisturizing effect. In the choice of blush color, the natural redness of the cheek when you just take a bath is the most suitable color for you.
You can choose the texture and color of the blush according to your skin type, either cream blush or powder blush, it will make you look full of the spring breeze.

Blush Brush Makeup steps

Step1 Tap blush cream on the smile muscle.
Step2 Push the diamond sponge evenly from the oblique back direction of the smile muscle, avoiding the eye area.
Step3 Dip the blush powder on the blush brush, pull from the smile muscle to the hairline, and then gently brush 3 times from the front.
Cleverly brush the blush three-dimensional face
Compared with the foundation, the obvious color of the blusher can make the face look firmer and the face shape becomes three-dimensional.


It ’s right to draw a character with a long shape and a super cute brush along the cheekbones. If you want to look personalized, brush a long blush and position it higher; if you want to be cute, brush a round shape. Brush on the first half of the cheekbones.


Pink CUTE, Orange Brown COOL Each color system will have different makeup because of the pink or orange-brown. For orange blush, pinkish ones will look cute; orangeish and brown ones will become casual and personal.

Starting point

Brushback with complexion. Brush forward to repair the blush. The place where the color of the blush is the heaviest is the starting point! The direction of brushing the blush will also change. The brush from the front to the back is mainly to bring out the color, and the blush from the back to the front is mainly used to repair the face.


 To be soft and strong, the brush is everything. Type A fan-shaped brush (pointed round brush): the most common, 90% blush brush on the market, the shape of the bristles is rounded, the easiest to eat color Obviously, it can have a smudged and soft effect. Type B uniform face brush (round brush): used in the pearlescent bright powder that looks like blush but has a texture like honey powder, which makes the facelift and shine with pearlescent light.
Eat less powder, and don’t apply too much on a large area or even the entire face. Type C bevel brush (trapezoidal brush): It has a more sense of lines and can brush out obvious areas. Usually used in areas that need special emphases, such as the chin, the bridge of the nose, or the C outside the eye.

Real Techniques Blusher Makeup Brush for Cheeks 

Just emphasize the shiny cheeks, when the blush is used to repair the face, the ladies and fashion stars who see it use this colorless pearlescent powder as the blush, as long as the bones are highlighted Sense, the focus is on the direction and technique of application! The blusher is used for grooming. makeup point: The blush with a sense of volume + shiny colorless cheeks is more gorgeous.
  • starts at the high point of the cheekbone near the ear
  • Brush both sides of the forehead and hairline cheeks, T-shaped, triangles under the eyes are highlighted in a wide range
  • You have to do this before applying blush
1. Adjust the amount of blush. Blush the brush, throw it vertically on the facial tissue, or use the front of the brush to gently touch the facial tissue to let the excess powder fall.
2. The pencil-style holding method is like holding a brush in the same way as a pencil. It is better to control the strength and direction of the brush.

Blusher Brush Purchase articles

The brush is composed of three parts: a brush handle, a metal joint handle, and bristles. The brush handle is divided into a long handle and a short handle. You can choose the length of the brush handle according to each person’s different makeup habits. It can be used comfortably; the metal joint handle is mainly for the function of joining the brush handle and the bristles.
Soaking in water for a long time to avoid shortening the service life of the brush; the bristles are the most important part of the brush, which can be roughly divided into natural animal hair and synthetic hair: animal hair is very soft and comfortable to use, and the material of synthetic hair is hard, But the flexibility is better. The appropriate brush material must be selected according to the different functions of the brush. The blush brush needs to be thick and light. The animal brush is most suitable. The bristles should be large and soft and well-made.

Clean articles

Brushes are like our hair, and they need to be well cared for to keep them smooth and beautiful. A clean brush can transform a neat makeup. Dirty brushes can not only transform beautiful makeup but also make the makeup look discounted!
Different brushes will have different cleaning frequencies due to different uses and materials. Here is a simple way to distinguish: the higher the oil content, the more frequent the cleaning will be when using brushes for cosmetics. Because the residue of oil is easy to adhere to dirt and bacteria, it makes the brush more and more dirty and harmful to the health of the skin, so it needs to be more diligent in cleaning.

Blush Brush Correct cleaning steps

Use makeup remover or brush cleaning liquid to pour into the powder cover, about a thin layer of completely covered weight, let the bristles take up the adsorption, slightly dissolve the attached makeup.
Pour the shampoo of natural ingredients in the basin and mix and foam, and then fully mix the bristles in the bubbling water.
Hold the bristles in the palm of your hand, and repeat the grasping and releasing techniques to make the residual dirt and make-up in the bristles completely cleared.
At the end of the brush, which is also the part that most often touches makeup, cleans it again carefully.
Finally, wash the brush with plenty of water, and use the clean water basin to completely
clean the residual detergent in the brush.
If the brush becomes too astringent due to the use of detergent, you can use a small amount of conditioner to smooth out the hair ends, and also clean it with plenty of water.
Take a few paper towels or a towel with good water absorption, cover the bristles and press it several times to make the moisture as dry as possible, and then lay it flat in a ventilated place to dry.

TIPS: weekday maintenance method

Brushes: Most of the brushes need to account for the dyed color. Usually, after each use, just use a facial paper to brush the brush back and forth on the top, and blusher brush until the color no longer appears.

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