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Road bicycles and ordinary bicycles are much faster than ordinary bicycles. After a little training, ordinary fans can generally reach the level of 35 kilometres of flat roads in one hour. And a good road biking Average degree on good ground sections of long-distance road riding members can be kept in forty to fifty kilometres per hour. Buy Best Road Bike Under 500 to 1000 Pounds the UK for Sale Online at Brand Discount.

Road Bike Features:

  • The tires are narrower than those of ordinary bicycles, and the tire pressure can reach more than 100-200psi (pounds per square inch), so the rolling resistance during driving is much smaller than that of mountain bikes.
  • flywheel and dental plate gear ratio (i.e. the ratio of the number of teeth) is large, the general road bicycle gear ratios up to 53:11 or even higher.
  • Road bikes widely use new materials, such as titanium alloy, carbon fibre, high-grade aluminium alloy materials, etc., so the weight of road bikes is very light, which can reach less than 5kg, but the competition car specified by the International Federation of Autonomous Federations must not be less than 6.8kg.
  • Very hard materials are generally used, which is easy for athletes to exert force. This is very different from mountain bikes. Because road bikes are riding on roads with better road conditions, there is no need to consider the problem of absorbing vibration as much as the latter.
  • Due to the above characteristics, the riding speed of road bicycles is much faster than that of ordinary bicycles.

The origin of road bikes

The bicycle race began in Europe in the 19th century. The first recorded road bike race was held on May 31, 1868, in the St Cloud Park in Paris. It is said that the world’s first women’s bicycle race was held in Ashfield on the outskirts of Sydney in 1888. With the continuous emergence and development of major road cycling events, the world is paying more and more attention to road cycling events. Earlier races Ligi-Bastoni-Ligi (1892), Paris-Roubaix (1896), Lombardy (1905), Milan-San Remo (1907) ),
One-day races such as the Tour de Flanders (1913 ), and multi-day classics such as the Tour de France (1903), the Tour de Italy (1909) and the Tour de Spain (1935). The International Cycling Federation (predecessor of the UCI) organized the first official World Championship in 1893. Three years later, the bicycle race became the sport of the first modern Olympic Games in Athens. The UCI was founded in Paris on April 14, 1900, and in 1927 the first international UCI road bike world championship was organized. In the mid-1990s, amateur cycling and professional cycling were officially unified, thus ending the isolation between the two. Now in all major competitions, amateur and professional drivers can compete against each other.

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Field bicycles refer to bicycles that mainly carry out activities in the field. The field bike competition is called a “round field”, and only one bicycle is used in the field competition

Gear, no brake. Using advanced technology and equipment, there is only one purpose, which is to make people ride bicycles faster and faster. The Olympic events include chase, time trial, scoring, and preliminaries. In the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the Road bike started a technical battle again, and there were also increases in the event. The women increased the 500-meter personal time trial, and the men added the Olympic sprint, Madison, and Kailin. Field Road cycling is a challenging sport. The intensity of the competition and the stimulating scene on the scene is enough to make the audience cheer and boil. When spectators cheer for athletes, they often create a warm and friendly atmosphere, allowing athletes to better play the spirit of challenge and tenacity in competition

Road Bike Features

The characteristic of road bicycles is that the tires are narrower than ordinary bicycles, and the frictional resistance during driving is relatively small. In addition, the diameter ratio of the crankset and the flywheel is very large, so the riding speed of road bicycles is much faster than ordinary bicycles. An excellent road cyclist can maintain an average speed of 40 to 50 kilometres per hour when riding long distances on a flat road section with good road conditions.Road Bike events
The most prestigious cycling race thing is once the ring France cycling race every year has attracted one hundred years of history. The competition is generally held in July of each year. The participants participating in the competition have to ride about 3000 kilometres in about 20 days, and the high Pyrenees and the Alps must be turned on the way. know. However, the whole race route is picturesque along the way, and the players pass through beautiful country towns from time to time, and all this is the charm of the Tour de France.

Cycling Equipment

Bicycles are the means of transportation that we usually have the most contact with. However, as a big bicycle country, the level of cycling in China is not at the advanced level in the world. Why? This is probably because we usually get too close to it. When it comes to cycling, especially road cycling, at first glance, we think, is n’t it just cycling? Who won’t! However, after reading the following little knowledge, you may find that the bicycles that we seem to understand on weekdays are also not so simple.

The price of a professional racing bicycle is not inferior to that of a car, and the technical content contained in it is also quite high. Almost every professional cyclist’s racing car is tailor-made. I will not go into details here. I am interested. Friends can go to a professional bicycle shop to learn related knowledge.

The average speed of the road cycling stage is about 40 km / h, the mountain stage can sometimes reach 30 km / h, and the speed of the time trial can reach 50 km / h, so professional cycling equipment must be Indispensable. The most susceptible to injury in riding is the skin. Therefore, today’s riding equipment often makes a lot of fuss in this regard. The complete set of bicycle equipment includes: helmet, goggles, gloves, clothes, shoes.
Helmets are often designed to be more resistant to wind resistance. Their shape is streamlined, and the material is mostly high-strength, a light-weight foam plastic.

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The goggles protect the eyes and improve the visual resolution under strong light. Its design is very particular. The appearance is arc-shaped, which matches the contour of the driver’s face. The main function is to prevent the injury and interference of the driver’s eyes due to high-speed downwind, as well as the glare and ultraviolet rays.
The riding gloves are only half cut, with five fingers exposed, so that it does not affect the driver’s control at all. Biking and split are common in cycling clothes, but no matter what kind of clothing, its pants will not grow longer than the knee, so as not to affect the rider’s movements. Buy Best Road Bike Under 500 to 1000 for sale and deals
The outer layer of the cycling suit is nylon, and the inner layer is silk fabric, which is easy to absorb sweat.
Finally, cycling shoes. In the early days, riders used foot covers or straps to secure their feet and pedals together. Later, it was popular to use self-locking shoes with specific pedals, which could fix the feet and pedals together during riding to improve pedalling efficiency. Some people may question the safety of the self-locking system, thinking that failure to unlock in an emergency will cause danger, but in fact it is not. The unlocking action of the self-locking system is very natural. In an emergency, the driver ’s instinctive action of extending his foot It can be unlocked completely, and there is almost no danger of being too late to unlock. Compared with ordinary pedals, the self-locking system can ensure safety under high pedalling frequency and prevent injury from stepping on.

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