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The main characteristics of mountain bikes are wide tires, straight handlebars, front and rear shock absorption, and more comfortable riding. Wide and multi-toothed tires provide grip, and shock absorbers absorb shocks. In recent years, the application of front shock absorption has become the standard, and front and rear shock absorption vehicles are becoming more and more popular. Some mountain bikes started to use the vice handle, but the angled horizontal handle became fashionable. On DH cars, handlebars of more than 800mm are more common. Buy Cheap Best Mountain Bikes Under £500 UK for Sale at Brand Discount and never miss Fun Bikes Discount Code

Mountain bikes have the characteristics of high stiffness and flexible walking. There is no need to choose roads when riding. No matter the streets or roaming or leisure travel, they have been widely praised. Cyclists can enjoy comfortable riding in various road environments. pleasure. Mountain bike, because of its rugged, rough, innovative appearance, colorful eye-catching colors, superior riding performance, and soon became fashionable for urban youth to pursue
Mountain bikes, various parts are different from ordinary bicycles. They have cushioning and anti-vibration tires, a strong and strong material frame, a tire handle that is not easy to fatigue, and you can ride smoothly even on steep slopes. The gearboxes, etc., make mountain bikes more suitable for cross-country and outing travel. Mountain bikes generally have 11, 18, 20, 21, 24, 27, and 30 speeds. Correct use of changes

Mountain biking

The speed controller can cope with complex road conditions and climates such as flat roads, ups and downs, dirt roads, and top winds, and it is much faster and less labor-intensive than ordinary bicycles.
For long-distance riding, the governor should be changed in time to give full play to the specialty of mountain bikes. Generally speaking, it is better to feel a little stronger under your feet.
If you feel a little “empty”, you should immediately change the high-speed ratio; on the contrary, if you feel a little hard, you should change to a low-speed ratio in time. If you can know a little about the repair techniques, you can feel like a king riding a mountain bike. In the era of using cars as the main means of transportation, riding a mountain bike to embrace nature, relax and exercise, become New favorite of leisure

Parts purchase of Mountain Bike


Whether a mountain bike is comfortable to ride, light and easy to control, how high it can withstand, how long it can be used, and whether it can be upgraded, etc. The key is to look at the frame.
The frame is roughly divided into two types: hardtail frame, full suspension frame (soft tail frame)
Briefly speaking, the choice of the size of the lower frame: generally choose the frame according to the height, it is very important to choose the frame that suits you, this is very important!

Frame and height reference data:

14 inch-150-160 15 inch-155-165
16 inch-160-170 17 inch-165-175
18 inch-170-180 19 inch-175-185
20 inch-180-190 21 inch-185-195
Before 2009, almost all mountain bikes were 26-inch. Until 2009, MARMOT Groundhog Bicycle Company developed the world’s first 27.5-inch / 650B vehicle in Washington, DC. Because this model has the best handling, stability, safety and performance of the bicycle, since then, the new wheel diameter revolution in the bicycle industry has officially arrived, and major brands have followed suit to develop this size vehicle, 27.5 The inch / 650B vehicle has gradually become the mainstream product in the bicycle market ].
Because each person’s body proportions are not the same, leg and arm length is different teach you one of the easiest and most practical measuring methods: wearing your shoes, standing astride the frame on the frame tube, feet shoulder-width The distance between the crotch and the upper tube of the frame should be about 5-6 cm; if the upper tube is close to or next to the crotch, the frame is large. If the upper tube is too far from the crotch, the frame is small. For those who like off-road, you should choose a smaller one. The distance between the crotch and the tube on the frame should be about 6-10 cm. This has good handling and high safety, because off-road is more dangerous, so the frame should be smaller. Brand Discount offer Best Mountain Bikes Under £500 to 1000 Pounds UK

Hardtail frame

Riding is more labor-saving, lighter, and cheaper, and the rack around 2000 is good.
The hard-tail car, as the name suggests, does not have a rear shock absorption function, but most of them have shock-absorbing front forks. A few years ago, it was simple to choose between the two: people usually buy hard-tail mountain bikes. With the development of rear shock absorption technology, it is difficult to decide whether to buy a hard-tail mountain bike or a fully shock-absorbing mountain bike. Although fully damped mountain bikes have improved a lot, hardtail mountain bike technology is also developing.
Choosing a hard-tail mountain bike or a full-shock mountain bike depends on what you plan to do with your bike-do you plan to participate in an off-road race or do a full mountain off-road or a smooth nature exploration journey? Based on experience, the higher the technical requirements of the terrain you intend to traverse, the more likely you will need a hard-tail mountain bike. Get cheap Mountain Bike Under 500 to 1000 pounds
Hard-tail mountain bikes are ideal for off-road terrain, one-way streets, and competitions. It is lighter, more durable and cheaper than a full-shock mountain bike. Lighter is because there are fewer parts on the frame, and more durable because it does not have a pivot or rear shock absorber and requires maintenance. This means that it requires fewer maintenance costs, so it is cheaper to use, and the initial purchase price is lower. For these reasons, hard-tail mountain bikes have been the choice of many off-road racers. Mountain Bike for sale  Under 500 to 1000 pounds UK
Whether you are a novice mountain biker or an experienced veteran, hard-tail mountain bikes are very good field race bikes. If you ride a hard-tail mountain bike, you will most likely agree that it can handle most terrain.
Commonly used by everyone: Giant ATX Pro / XTC FR / Team, Merida TFS / HFS, Trek 8500, Trek Elite 8.9 (8500 upgrades), Specialized S-Works hard frame, pull leather 200, and so on

Soft tail frame

Also known as a full-suspension frame, more comfortable, do not slow down when the mountain is too bumpy, but the ride up in the relentless force, not suitable for long-distance, high price, especially if you choose good aftershock absorbers, with the price of the frame Prices are comparable.
Frame type
There are so many types of frame structures on the market, each brand is slightly different, but generally can be divided into the following three types, and there are other sub-types under each type, we will talk about include:
  1. Fixed turning point a. Single rocker arm (Monopivot) b. Connecting rod type (Fauxbar)
  2. Virtual turning point a. Horst link b. VPP c. NRS d. Lawwill e.abp
  3. Other a. URT b. I-Drive
Impact of trampling on the suspension frame
The most striking aspect of the suspension frame is the response to the pedalling force. Since the front triangle and the rear triangle of the suspension frame are separated, the pedalling force may cause the shock absorber to compress or stretch and produce energy Loss, and we call it “Bobbing” in this case (although someone has translated this term, I think it is not a good translation, so I used the original text). The advanced frame design is to hope that the shock absorber does not respond to the pedaling force. At this time, we call the frame’s response to pedalling to be ‘neutral’. Buy Mountain Bike Under 500 to 1000 pounds deals at  Brand Discount
Commonly seen are Specialized epic (xc), Giant anthem (xc), Merida 96 (xc), Trek Fuel ex (trail), Ibis Mojo (am), Santa Cruz Nomad (am), Also, Intense, Marmot, Yeti, Kona, Nicolai, etc.

Front fork for Mountain Bike

The front fork is a high-tech component of the mountain bike. Mountain bikes with hard front forks are rare. They are front forks with shock absorbers. Worldwide there are several good factory forks: RST, SR Suntour (Third Extension), D NM, RockShox, Marzocchi ( Mazu Qi), Manitou, FOX, BOS …… where the first five factory fork 1,000 yuan Popularized forks, the latter two are rare, and the price is too high. Even if the popular fork is close to 2,000 yuan, it is difficult for new riders to bear it, and it is difficult to exert its effect after buying it.

Types of media of the front fork:

(1) Spring fork: the lowest gear fork without damping.
Features: cheap, you can buy a good one for 300 yuan.
⑵, resistance fork: the resistance fork is used as the medium, and there is no damping.
Features: More than insufficient, but more than lower, but the resistance fork will again in about three years, and needs to be replaced.
⑶, coil spring fork: take spring (Coil) as the rebound medium and oil as the damping.
Features: The heaviest, but the strongest. The spring is relatively moist and sensitive to small vibrations. Generally, the suspension oil should be changed once every six months, and the forks should be removed to change the oil.
⑷, oil and gas fork: Air (Air) as the rebound medium, shock oil as damping.
Features: Lighter than oil spring fork, but the firmness is reduced. (It doesn’t matter where it goes. Ordinary off-road is enough.) Once every six months, the car dealer will provide a special pump for free. It can also be bought separately, with a barometer about 200 yuan. The advantage of using air as a medium is that it is lighter in weight and can protect the rider’s wrist during high-speed off-road, but it is not sensitive to small vibrations.

Buy Best Mountain Bikes Under £500 UK for Sale Online

The working order of the front fork should be: encounter an obstacle -the front fork is compressed-to the extreme-is rebounded to the original length (the rebound speed is affected by the damping)-the bouncing system is finished.
Professional or English words of the front fork:
Travel: The limit length that the front fork can compress. 80-120mm for XC. 130-160mm fork for trail and AM. The speed drop is more than 180mm.
Rebound: After rebounding to the pole, the medium (resistance glue, spring, air) rebounds to the original stroke length, which is the second half of the spring, because the rebound speed is affected by the oil damping, so it is separate Become a professional term.
Resistance Damping: When rebounding, how fast the rebound speed depends on the resistance. At high speed, the rebound will be faster and will be bounced; the rebound will be slower, and the stroke will be shorter and shorter during continuous obstacles, and the feel will be the same as the hard fork without a rebound.

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Rebound Adjustment: This is a technology selling point. Forks with this feature cost a few hundred yuan. But Mazuki’s classic fork Z3 has this function; also, RockShox forks as long as the model is followed by SL. As the name implies, the speed of the rebound is adjusted. The fork with this function can adjust the rebound without changing the clear and thick oil. The impact of rebound adjustment in off-road-small stone roads, dirt roads, need to rebound faster; rocks, large drop roads need to rebound slowly.
The rebound adjustment knob is generally on the left side of the fork foot. The principle is that after turning, the oil hole can be made smaller, and the oil throughput per unit time can be reduced, and the time for the oil to be extended can be extended to achieve the purpose of slow rebound. Same principle as the plastic salt shaker with holes in the restaurant. According to Chinese thinking habits, it is easier to understand rebound adjustment as resistance adjustment, because the rebound speed is controlled by the amount of oil resistance in and out. shop now Mountain Bike Under 500 to 1000 pounds
Lockout: When riding, the front fork can be locked by a special knob. Just like the hard fork, there is no shock absorption response to any obstacles. This can reduce effort, make climbing easier, and save effort when riding long distances. Ordinary players are not very useful, it is recommended to use the money on other parts. There are two types of locking structure, one is mechanical locking and the other is damping locking.

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