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The front fork part is located in the front part of the bicycle structure. Its upper end is connected to the handlebar part, the frame part is matched with the front tube, and the lower end is matched with the front axle part to form a bicycle guide system. The working order of the front fork should be: encounter an obstacle-the front fork is compressed-to the extreme-is rebounded to the original length (the rebound speed is affected by the damping)-the bouncing system is finished. Buy Best Cheap MTB Mountain Bike Forks UK for Sale Online at Brand Discount

basic situation

The front fork part is located in the front part of the bicycle structure. Its upper end is connected to the handlebar part, the frame part is matched with the front tube, and the lower end is matched with the front axle part to form a bicycle guide system.

Mountain classification

It can be divided into springs, oil springs, oil and gas, and double gas. The following is an introduction to each name:

Suspension Mountain Bike Forks

You can buy a bicycle with a shock-absorbing front fork for less than a thousand yuan, and even use the double shoulder cover Double-Crown, so what is the difference in the performance of a shock-absorbing front fork of several thousand yuan? We discuss the suspension Mountain Bike Forks of 26-inch mountain bikes in general and hope to have a deeper understanding of the suspension Mountain Bike Forks. According to the length of travel to distinguish the suspension fork. These super heavy Mountain Bike Forks are generally designed for downhill racing. Coil spring, Youli glue, gas spring
  1. Coil springs Compression coil springs, or coil springs, are the oldest and most common springs used on locomotives. The hardness of the spring, the so-called spring rate (Spring Rate), because the gas spring is light, use Negative Spring. The use of gas springs in the mid-stroke shock-absorbing front fork has been quite affirmed, but it cannot replace coil springs on long-stroke Mountain Bike front Forks.
  • 2. Youli glue Youli glue is made of artificial rubber foam. Damping I once read a report saying that when a person was riding down a big rock and did not fall down, the shock-absorbing front fork cushioned the impact, but when the front fork rebounded, the front fork rebound damping was not enough. The fork rebounded too much and the car was tilted backwards. From this, we can see the importance of a good suspension system. Cheap shock-absorbing front forks do not have a dedicated damping system.

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They can only absorb the friction of the inner and outer tubes of the front fork itself, or absorb energy by using a little damping of the Youli glue itself, so it is not suitable for too bad roads. The traditional hydraulic shock absorber system absorbs the impact through the damping caused by the specific small holes in the liquid. The size of the damping can be controlled by changing the viscosity, specific gravity or the size of the pores of the fluid. This has always been the choice of major fork manufacturers.
One. The newer method is the Total air cassette air pressure box, which uses high-pressure gas as the medium. When the gas is compressed, it becomes difficult to compress and has a certain viscosity, then it can be used as a shock-absorbing damper Medium, it also controls the damping by changing the size of the channel. In actual use, it is generally required that the front fork can quickly absorb the impact and then rebound slowly, so a smaller compression damping is required, while a higher rebound damping is required.
However, in a high-speed continuous large impact, the too slow rebound will eat the stroke of the front fork, so different damping is required under different impacts and different speeds, but how much damping is needed, this is the front fork The manufacturer has a highly technical trade secret. The most commonly used hydraulic damping can generally be controlled by replacing hydraulic oil with different specific gravity, and the application of external adjustment on the middle and high-grade front Mountain Bike Forks has been quite common; electronically controlled damping has been developed, but its biggest problem is Control power consumption.


A good suspension fork must be very smooth in addition to a suitable combination of spring and suspension damping. The so-called smooth: refers to the process of the front fork never being stressed, compressed, compressed out (bottom out), and then returned to the uncompressed state (top out) without any feeling of jamming, or any feeling of friction, top -out and bottom-out cannot be too sudden and too heavy. The new fork will be tighter, but after a period of running in, it should be smooth in principle. After the front fork has been used for a long time, debris and other debris may enter the place between the inner and outer pipes (pushing), or the pushing grease will be eaten, which will cause unsmooth. Different front fork factories will have their own different lubrication measures.
Manufacturers such as Rock Shox have adopted an open lubrication system (open-bath), and the most common is to install a rubber protective sleeve to prevent the entry of dust and sediment. The most amazing thing is the oil seal (seal) that MARZOCCHI and ROCK SHOX began to use. It is precision-made and does not require a protective sleeve to maintain smoothness for a long time without affecting the smoothness due to too tight. Of course, there are still traditional grease lubrication, but in order to simplify the operation, a lubrication hole is added to the front fork, so that no major disassembly and special disassembly are required during maintenance, just use the oil injection gun to fill the grease.

Weight rigidity

The weight is extremely valued by XC off-road players, but the weight is actually a data for reference only. Because the numbers are shown on the specification table, the manufacturer may get a good look by cutting the front forkhead or missing shock absorbers or lubricants Numbers. A front fork less than 1.3kg is already very limited. Generally, the front forkhead and inner tube of an aluminium alloy draw pipe are used, and some even use a titanium alloy.
But if your weight is too heavy, you should try to avoid using a fork that is too light, because there may be too much load and insufficient rigidity. Rigidity, because it is a relatively abstract thing, so most people do not pay much attention or understand it. When the rigidity is insufficient, under high-speed or relatively bumpy conditions, the car will feel a little disobedient and a little fluttering. In general, Downhill Downhill and Double salon have higher rigidity requirements, and they use thicker but heavy inner Mountain Bike Forks, while XC off-road players generally only focus on weight.

Proper noun

The working order of the front fork should be: encounter an obstacle-the front fork is compressed-to the extreme-is rebounded to the original length (the rebound speed is affected by the damping)-the bounce system is finished
Travel: The limit length that the front fork can compress. 60-80mm is enough for off-road. But if you want to play, you should choose a long-stroke fork 100-125mm. The rappelling fork is longer, 180mm. Bounce Spring:
The stroke of the front fork shrinks to the extreme when it encounters an obstacle, and then the medium (resistance glue, spring, air) bounces back to the original stroke length. This process is called a bounce. Rebound: After it rebounds to the pole, the medium (resistance glue, spring, air) rebounds to the original stroke length, which is actually the second half of the spring, because the rebound speed is affected by the oil damping, so Become a professional term alone. Damping: How fast is the rebound speed when rebounding, this is determined by the damping.

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At high speed, the rebound will be faster and will be bounced; the rebound will be slower, and the stroke will be shorter and shorter during continuous obstacles, and the feel will be the same as the hard fork without a rebound. (It ’s the feeling of using the EXR-PRO in 2004 to quickly go down 30 stairs. It can only be solved by changing the clear suspension oil to increase the rebound speed, but some friends like the obvious damping and the benevolent see the benevolent. .) Rebound adjustment: This is a technology selling point.
Mountain Bike Forks with this feature cost a few hundred yuan. But Ma Zuqi’s classic fork Z3 has this function, you must know that Z3 is less than 1,000 yuan! Basically out of stock; in addition, RockShox Mountain Bike front Forks, as long as the model is followed by SL. As the name implies, the speed of the rebound is adjusted. The fork with this function can adjust the rebound without changing the clear and thick oil. The impact of rebound adjustment in off-road-small stone roads, dirt roads, need to rebound faster; rocks, large drop roads need to rebound slowly.

Structural review

Looking at the specifications of the front fork, the first thing everyone looks at is the travel. Not to mention the cheap front fork. The better XC off-road front forks on the market mostly have a stroke of at least 70mm, and then the suspension stroke of 80–120mm. This type of front fork is used by the so-called Freeride riding method in Europe and the United States. It can be used in any terrain, even in terrain without brakes, and rushes down some steep cliff-like slopes.
The limit travel of suspension Mountain Bike front Forks is about 160-180mm. These super heavy forks are generally used for Downhill downhill races. Coil springs, Youli glue, gas springs 1. Coil springs Compressed coil springs or coil springs are the oldest and most common springs used on locomotives. The hardness of the spring, the so-called spring rate (Springate) 2. The gas spring uses NegativeSpring negative spring because of the light air, but it can not replace the coil spring on the long-stroke front fork. Youli glue is made of artificial rubber foam.


No matter what front fork is used, keep the inner tube clean. Let the front fork with the protective sleeve be installed. Don’t be cool and remove the protective sleeve, otherwise, the sand and impurities will run in and the front fork will have to be disassembled and washed. After using the front fork for a period of time, it should be filled with grease or disassembled for cleaning and lubrication. When washing the car, you should also pay attention to check the lower fork parts near the front fork bowl, shoulder cover, brake reinforcement plate, hook claw and disc brake, which are usually prone to cracks. Choose the shock-absorbing front fork, pay attention to the maintenance, and enjoy the off-road interest with ease.
The maintenance work of the front fork can be said to be as important as the chain. If it is not properly maintained, he will reach the service life in advance, and it will become harder and harder, gradually losing its necessary comfort. Today, when people talk about off-road vehicles, it is common to have a shock absorber function. The sleeve-type front fork is a relatively common form of the shock absorber. If we want to let it play its best performance in the long run, the maintenance work is especially important. However, you do not need any advanced technical knowledge. You can easily get it by reading the following. Required tools:

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1. Allen wrench; 2. Wooden mallet; 3. Oiler; 4. Inflator step: 1 Clean the dirt in the rubber sheath
The rubber sheath is a very effective protective layer on the suspension column. However, it must be folded over each time it is cleaned, and then the front fork telescopic column should be polished with a rag.
 2 Apply oil to the contraction column After each maintenance, drip a few drops of lubricating oil or apply a thin layer of grease on the telescopic column to ensure that the suspension column stays in excellent condition for a long time.
3 Disassembling the shock absorbers Different types of shock absorbers are disassembled in different ways. All shock absorber front forks have fixing screws, some on the outside and some on the inside. As for the pneumatic shock absorber, it is necessary to disassemble When the gas is shining, be sure to read the instruction manual paid by the shock absorber to make sure that its internal structure is being disassembled.
4 Clean the inside of the shock absorber and wipe off all the dirt accumulated inside the shock absorber. Remember, do not use any solvent, otherwise, it will cause damage to the inside of the shock absorber, and check whether there is any damage inside. 5 Oiling Apply a thin layer of grease to the suspension column.

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Good oil for the front fork should have the characteristics of not eroding the inner wall of Teflon coating. In addition, oil the MCU It is not useful, but oiling the suspension spring will prevent it from making noise. 6 When replacing the shock absorber, do not tighten the screws too tightly, wipe off any excess grease, and put the dust cover back in place. 7 Adjust the air pressure of the suspension fork. Some suspension Mountain Bike front Forks (SID) have to be checked for pressure at least 3 to 4 times a year. Never use a pneumatic machine to blow air! The internal capacity of a front fork is limited. When the air is blown by a pneumatic machine, the internal components will be scrapped.
Smart tips:
˙The designer’s maintenance proposal is relatively loose. It is recommended to maintain the front fork at least twice a year. ˙Each fork design has its own unique features. Please study the instructions carefully or consult the bicycle repair station. If not, the disassembler is prone to make great mistakes when decomposing. ˙For all Mountain Bike Forks filled with elastic rubber, no matter whether the inside of the bush is oiled or not, the oil should not be applied to the elastic rubber filler. ˙Special attention, never remove the wrinkled sheath of the original fork!
In this way, you will not only accelerate the wear of the pipe string and the collar but also lose the original service guarantee. ˙Like other various off-road originals, the sleeve-type front fork is not suitable for flushing with a high-pressure water column that is too rapid. ˙Do does not use lithium mineral oil (usually used when lubricating steam cars). Lithium metal can erode the guide collar assembly of the bicycle front fork.

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