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Folding Exercise Bike is called “power bicycles” in the field of sports science. They are divided into two types: upright and back-to-back (also known as horizontal) exercise bikes. They can adjust the intensity (power) during exercise and play a fitness effect. So people call it an exercise bike. Buy Best Cheap Indoor Folding Exercise Bike UK Sale Review at Brand Discount
Aerobic fitness equipment, which is a typical simulation of outdoor sports, is also called cardio training equipment. Mainly through the body for a long time, the appropriate intensity of exercise to promote cardiovascular exercise, accelerate metabolism, enhance heart and lung function, thereby improving the body’s physical fitness.

Types of  Folding Exercise Bike UK

1. Magnetically controlled exercise bike

Refers to the resistance of the metal flywheel on the outer (or inner) magnet close to, through the human knob to pull the wire, adjust the distance between the magnet and the metal flywheel to adjust the size of the resistance to achieve different exercise intensity requirements, currently this type of Folding Exercise Bike is an entry family The main force of the exercise bike.

2. Electromagnetically controlled exercise bike

The principle is similar to the magnetic control exercise bike, except that the original human knob adjustment is replaced by the cable motor to control the near and far resistance of the magnet and the flywheel to adjust the resistance. Because of the appearance of the motor and the computer program, the resistance adjustment segment of the electromagnetically controlled Folding exercise bike can be more subtle In addition, the set program allows the resistance to be changed automatically during the movement, forming a program that simulates natural environments like mountain climbing, mountainous terrain, and intermittent. To suit higher-end users. At present, this type of exercise bike is common equipment for high-end home and small fitness clubs.

3. Self-generating exercise bike

(Self-generation) is a new type of green Color, environmental protection, energy saving, low carbon, non-pollution new energy products, its main features are: the transmission system of the exercise bike is equipped with a speed increasing mechanism and a power generation device, which can convert the physical energy consumed by people during exercise into electrical energy. It is stored in the exercise car and can be automatically converted to 220V AC when power is needed.
It can also be used to generate power while exercising. Directly switch between the two modes above. At present, such Folding Exercise Bike is mostly used in professional gyms and high-end hotels. Today, we vigorously promote low-carbon life. We hope to spread it to every family. Calculated at a power of 500W per unit, taking one unit from each household in China as an example, it can generate 400 million kWh of power for 2 hours a day.


The exercise bike can display the time, speed, distance, calories, heart rate on the display panel of the exercise bike, and you can also choose some built-in riding programs. Such as weight loss program, fitness program, mountain program, different programs can play different fitness effects.

the Benefit of Folding Exercise Bike

1. Bicycle is one of the best tools to overcome heart function problems. More than half of the world ’s people die of heart disease. Cycling can use the movement of the leg to compress the blood flow and draw blood from the end of the blood vessel back to the heart. In fact, it also strengthens the microvascular tissue, which is called “collateral circulation”. “. Strengthening the blood vessels will keep you from being threatened by age and staying young forever.
2. Habitual cycling exercise can expand your heart function. Otherwise, the blood vessels will become thinner and thinner, and the heart will become more and more degraded. In later years, you will experience the troubles it brings. At that time, you will find how perfect cycling is. Cycling is a sport that requires a lot of oxygen. An elderly person once completed a 460-kilometre bicycle trip in 6 days. He said: “The elderly need to exercise at least 3 times a week to strengthen the heart and restore normal function. You have to make the heartbeat fiercely, but not too long. So it will be able to adapt to emergency situations, such as driving or resisting difficulties.
3. Cycling can also prevent high blood pressure, which is sometimes more effective than drugs. It also prevents weight gain, hardening of blood vessels, and makes bones strong. The bicycle saves you from having to use medicine to maintain your health, and it is harmless.
4. Bicycles are a tool for weight loss. According to statistics, people with a weight of 75 kilograms at a speed of 9 and a half hours per hour can reduce half a kilogram of weight when riding 73 miles, but they must persevere every day.

Brand Discount Offer Best Folding Exercise Bike UK

5. Cycling, not only can lose weight, but also make your figure more symmetrical and charming. People who lose weight through exercise or exercise while dieting is better and more charming than those who only lose weight by dieting. I don’t know how to describe “more charming”, but in fact, the strong muscles brought by exercise and the small ankles developed by cycling exercise are better than the haggard and protruding diets. Appropriate exercise can secrete a kind of hormone, this kind of hormone makes your heart bright and cheerful. From experience, we can know that cycling can produce this hormone.
6. In fact, because of the compression of blood vessels by cycling, the blood circulation is accelerated, and the brain intakes more oxygen, so you breathe in the more fresh air. After riding for a while, you will feel clearer.
7. Ride on this two-wheeled bicycle that you step on with your own physical strength, you will feel very free and enjoyable. It is not only a weight loss exercise but also a happy exile.

Buy Cheap Best Folding Indoor Exercise Bike for Sale UK online at Brand Discount

In recent years, China’s fitness equipment market has been on an upward trend year by year. With the implementation of the national fitness program, the improvement of people’s living standards and the transformation of consumer concepts, etc., for fitness equipment, especially home fitness equipment, especially home fitness equipment Sales have also greatly promoted.
Every Saturday and Sunday, in shops selling fitness equipment, people who come to consult and request product manuals and purchase fitness equipment are always in a constant stream. So what should you pay attention to when you buy a home fitness device?

Fully estimate the status quo

First of all, it is necessary to know your current situation, such as what kind of fitness equipment you have now; whether this equipment can meet your needs, whether they are worn out, whether they are safe, etc. If the existing fitness equipment can no longer meet your needs, what kind of equipment do you want to add? Is it at the junior level, at the advanced level, or both? After you think about it, you may wish to sort out the above questions and line up side by side. The benefits of doing so have three points: first, it allows you to have a more comprehensive understanding of your current situation; Supplies; finally, it is helpful for you to consider the issue of funding.

Fully consider the characteristics of your fitness facility

Engaged in leisure and fitness activities requires a certain place, different places, engaged in fitness activities and equipment used are different. Therefore, such as how big a room you are and how high the room is; what obstacles there are in the house (such as air conditioners, door panels, heaters, pillars, walls, etc.); whether there is a suitable power supply (some supplies require electricity); you Whether there is free space around the home, whether there is a swimming pool, etc., must be considered before purchasing fitness equipment. Only by fully considering these circumstances can you choose the appropriate exercise method according to local conditions and purchase the required fitness equipment.

Collect information about fitness equipment

After fully considering your current situation and understanding the information on fitness equipment. You can get some information from friends and family with fitness equipment. In addition, you can also get professional knowledge about fitness equipment and the status of certain companies and their products from product sellers. Finally, you should sort out the collected information and divide it into categories (such as muscle strength training, cardiopulmonary function training, etc.). The more information you collect, the more detailed the better.

Seriously evaluate the company

After the work of collecting information is completed, the information must be analyzed and sorted out in order to find out the parts that you need. You should read the product introduction carefully. You must understand the use of the product, design, structure and basic principles, and judge whether it is reasonable. If you think it is unreasonable, do not investigate any more, but delete it from the information.
In the remaining companies, you should pay attention to the sales situation, and whether the product implements three guarantees, whether there are complete accessories, and after-sales service. , The reputation of the product is good or not, whether the product quality is guaranteed, the most important one is to understand whether the company’s products have a reasonable price when understanding the price, you should ask the price of each part, not just a total price, In order to consider the problem of choosing accessories in the future, if you think the price is unreasonable, delete it from the information.

Evaluate products

At this point, you’d better find an expert to serve as your staff, and it is best to use the product yourself to see if it is suitable for you, for example, whether the product size can be adjusted, whether it can meet the requirements of exercise from the beginning to the advanced level, the product What is the quality stability, sturdiness and safety of the product, can the product be upgraded and upgraded … In short, the quality, use, safety and development of the product should be fully investigated according to your requirements.

Make a final decision

At this point, you can decide what company’s products to buy. You can buy several products from one company or the same products from several companies. The principle is to make the match of the purchased product, so as to produce a comprehensive effect.

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