Best Cheap Digital Smartwatch UK Available at Discount Price

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Best Digital Smartwatch UK for Men, Women and Kids


Best Digital Smartwatch UK can be divided into digital quartz electronic watches, analogue quartz electronic watches, automatic quartz watches and light kinetic energy watches

1. Digital quartz smartwatch

Quartz crystal piezoelectric effect and bipolar liquid crystal display combined watch, its function is completely completed by electronic components.

2. Analogue quartz smartwatch

The energy of the quartz watch comes from the silver oxide button battery. After the silver oxide button battery provides a specific voltage to the integrated circuit, the quartz oscillator is vibrated through the oscillation circuit and the quartz resonator to form an oscillation circuit source. The electrical signal with a frequency of 32768 Hz output from the oscillation circuit enters the frequency divider circuit to generate a 0.5 Hz pulse signal after 16 levels of frequency division and then outputs the pulse signal through the narrow pulse circuit into the drive circuit to amplify and form an alternating change The bidirectional pulse signal of the driver drives the stepper motor to rotate intermittently, which further drives the transmission wheel system so that the watch hands can accurately display the time.
Battery —– Provide energy to ensure the normal operation of the circuit.
The circuit part —– provides electric pulses with stable frequency and power to push the stepper motor to rotate.
X stepper motor —– converts the electrical energy output by the electronic device into mechanical energy.
The transmission wheel system transfers the mechanical energy output from the motor to the second wheel, minute wheel, hour wheel and dial wheel.
Needle-moving mechanism —- drives the hands to indicate the time.
The dial-setting mechanism —– adjusts the time and calendar, weekly calendar, and also has the function of stop seconds.

3. Automatic quartz smartwatch

It is a combination of automatic watch and quartz watch. Its power source comes from the swing of the wearer’s arm to drive the automatic disk in the watch. The generated kinetic energy pushes the built-in micro-generator motor into energy, which is the quartz device in the watch. Provide sufficient power, and excess power will be stored by the micro- capacitor. This design that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy, after continuous improvement of today’s technology, when it is full of energy, it can continue to operate for dozens of days. Automatic quartz watch combines the convenience of automatic watch winding and the precision of quartz watch and does not require the use of batteries, which is more environmentally friendly. More and more brands have made this type of watch.
Note: regular maintenance, and avoid placing the watch in a magnetic place. Swiss Tissot watches and Japanese Seiko watches are more famous automatic quartz watches

4. Solar Smart Watch

Solar cells are made of extremely high-purity silicon wafers, which are specially processed to form two very thin layers. When sunlight or light shines on the surface of the silicon wafer, it can convert light energy into photocurrent Photovoltage. The current flows from the high-voltage solar battery to the low-voltage watch battery to be charged. To prevent the voltage that the solar battery flows into the watch too high, there are diodes and resistors inside to act as a buffer to protect the watch battery and life.
Note: Of course, regular inspection is inevitable. Also, it should be noted that plastic or bamboo tweezers must be used to replace the battery. Metal tweezers are easy to cause a short circuit. The working principle of the light kinetic energy watch: First, the solar energy is used to convert the light energy into electrical energy, and the electrical energy is stored in a rechargeable titanium-lithium ion rechargeable battery. Drive the stepping motor, convert the electrical energy into kinetic energy, push the gear to rotate and drive the pointer to indicate the time, after fully charged, it can run for about 40-180 days in the dark, the travel time is accurate, and the life of the rechargeable battery is 10 years.

5. Multifunctional smartwatch

The movement of the “multifunctional electronic watch” is the best work of watch design and manufacturing technology and precision craftsmanship. In addition to displaying the time, this type of electronic watch has concentrated many other functions. For example, the moon phase and season can be displayed, and the alarm can be set every hour and every 15 minutes, with a perpetual calendar. This watch has a dense structure, and its design is like a house, which is cascading. The bottom layer is the dungeon, which is a time device, which displays hours, minutes, and seconds.
The second layer is a time-relaying spring device. The sophisticated model can be hourly, quarterly, and every five minutes. When reporting. The movement consists of 1400 to 1800 parts, each of which is only one-thousandth of a millimetre in size, and each part is cut, polished and crafted by top masters. In terms of technology, technology and handicrafts, only a few European watch factories in the world have all kinds of conditions to manufacture a few watches. Looking at the industry today, craftsmen who know how to make these “complex function tables”. The number is less than one hundred. It takes six to twelve months for a highly-skilled watchmaker to manufacture such a movement.

6. LED smartwatch

LED watches to use environmentally-friendly and dazzling LED lights to display time, highlighting individualized and artistic design concepts. LED watches have different styles, and even completely subvert the traditional time reading concept of watches. Shenzhen Longkemei has a unique technology and design concept in LED watches. The biggest difference between an LED watch and other watches is that the watch movement is equipped with an LED light and an LED display. The main function is the LED display effect. Today, the use of watches has far exceeded the original function of displaying time, but through its gorgeousness and exquisiteness, it highlights the wearer’s temperament and adds lustre to people.
Electronic watches, which use batteries as energy sources instead of springs, don’t need to be wound, have a variety of structures, the appearance is the same as mechanical watches, collectively referred to as electronic watches, electronic watches are divided into four generations according to the structure and the order of invention.
The first generation is the balance spring electronic watch, which uses the balance spring as an oscillator, uses a micro battery as an energy source, and drives the balance through an electronic circuit.
The second generation is a tuning fork electronic watch, which uses a metal tuning fork as an oscillator and uses an electronic circuit to output pulse current to make the mechanical tuning fork vibrate.

Best Digital Smartwatch UK for Men, Women and Kids

The third generation is a pointer-type quartz electronic watch, which uses a quartz resonator as an oscillator and drives a stepping motor to drive the wheel system and hands through an electronic frequency divider.
The fourth generation is a digital quartz electronic watch. It also uses a quartz resonator as an oscillator. The difference is that it uses a display device to display time in digital form after frequency division, counting, and decoding.
The first three generations of electronic watches all have traditional mechanical pointer mechanisms, while the fourth generation uses large-scale integrated circuits, which completely deviate from the traditional mechanical structure of full electronic watches.

Component structure

Electronic watch component structure description:
1. The battery is the energy device of the electronic watch. It provides electrical energy for the operation of integrated circuits and stepper motors.
2. Quartz resonator (also called quartz oscillator) is the oscillation system of an electronic watch. It forms a quartz oscillator with an integrated circuit, which produces a highly stable electrical signal, which serves as a time reference for quartz electronic watches. The oscillation frequency is generally 32768Hz.
Third, the integrated circuit is the high-frequency electrical signal generated by the quartz oscillator, after frustration, into a square wave, and then through the frequency divider circuit to reduce the high-frequency electrical signal to 0.5Hz (period 2s) accurate signal Through the narrow pulse forming circuit and the driving circuit, a bidirectional pulse output with a time interval of Is is formed. Use it to drive stepper motors.

Quartz resonator

4. The stepper motor is an energy conversion mechanism of the quartz electronic watch. It converts the electrical energy input by the integrated circuit into magnetic energy and then converts the magnetic energy into mechanical energy to drive the wheel system to rotate. Stepper motors are usually driven by bidirectional pulses for stepping motion. The quartz Swiss watch oscillator sends a drive pulse every 1s and the rotor rotates 180. , Stepper motor rotates 1 turn in 2s. The drive train accepts the mechanical energy of the stepper motor to make it run. Through the matching of each pair of gear transmission ratios, finally, the second wheel, minute wheel and hour wheel rotate at a certain speed, to achieve the purpose of accurate timing.
5. The dial setting mechanism is used to calibrate the hour and minute hands and adjust the calendar and weekly calendar mechanism. It differs from mechanical Armani watches in that the second-hand stops moving after the handle is pulled out.
Sixth, the fine-tuning capacitor is used to calibrate the error caused by the frequency drift of the quartz oscillator, and also to adjust the watch’s travel time by a small amount, which is equivalent to the speed of the mechanical watch. However, the new quartz electronic watches no longer use fine-tuning capacitors and generally use fixed capacitors (capacitors that have been matched with quartz resonators fast and slow). More advanced is the use of logic frequency modulation circuit, using a logic control method to achieve. This saves an external component.

working principle

working principle

Power supply-crystal oscillation produces 32768HZ frequency-frequency division-rectification-filtering-analog-to-digital conversion-output
Electronic Components
Non-directional devices (passive devices):
Resistance: Unit: Ohm
Capacitance: Unit: Farad
Inductance: Unit: Heng
Directional devices (active devices): electrolytic capacitors, diodes, transistors, buzzers
Movement structure:
Power (battery) part, PCB, components, rubber cover, hardware

Testing requirements

Detection environment, equipment and methods.
Accuracy, working current, quiescent current, function. (Service life)

Production Proc

PCB — COB — Solder —- Test —– EL sheet —- LCD —- Into the cover —- Upper board (upper metal sheet) —- Test– –Upper battery —- Functional test —– Battery stickers.

common error

Whiteboard: 1. First of all, whether the battery has power, no power, replace the battery; if there is power, short circuit the AC point of the
movement. 2. If the battery has power and the short circuit is not good, repair the PCB.
Hyphenation (missing): 1. The screw may be loose, tighten the screw; 2. There is dirt on the bar, and it can be removed by reinstalling; 3.
The LCD or PCB is broken, replace the above components.
Flash or no word according to the light:
1. The battery has no power, replace the battery;
2. The battery voltage is normal, according to the flashing light, it is the interference of lighting, increasing the interference capacitance;


Electronic watches are accurate in timing and do not need to be wound every day. They are cheap and very popular with consumers, but because they are all electronic devices, they have different requirements than mechanical watches when worn. Electronic watches with liquid crystal display are prone to ageing under sunlight exposure or long-term high-temperature conditions; they are most likely to fail after being exposed to moisture; crystal glass and quartz crystals are easily damaged when subjected to severe vibration. After using it for about one year, if you find that the watch digital jumps, the display time is blurred or the timing function is abnormal, you should replace the new battery to avoid battery leakage and damage to the electronic device.

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