Open wardrobe is mostly custom wardrobes because they are installed according to the size of the room. Generally, open wardrobes occupy a relatively large room area, giving a relatively luxurious feeling, and the quality requirements of open wardrobes are also Very high, the cost is generally not cheap.
1. Divide the clothes into three categories and arrange them according to the distance of the space. The entrance of the dressing room is very convenient for taking things. You can put underwear, socks, purses, neckties, shoes and other small items here.
2. The lower space can be designed with drawers, shelves, foldable T-shirts, sweaters, etc.
3. In the locker room, a larger space can be reserved for seasonal bedding, luggage, and items that are not commonly used in larger sizes.
4. Suits, coats, coats, shirts, trousers, skirts and other clothes can be placed in the middle of the dressing room and can be hung on the vertical bar according to the length of the clothes.
The open wardrobe is relatively fashionable at the moment, but the cleanliness requirements of the shops are also relatively high. Keep the environment clean at all times, otherwise it will make the entire home environment very messy.