What wood is good for buying solid wood furniture

The trees currently suitable for furniture and decoration are ash, oak (white oak, red oak), rubber wood, pine, beech, walnut, teak, fir, camphor, elm, nanmu (golden heather), Cherry wood, maple wood, etc., which kind of wood is good for solid wood furniture? The difference in furniture price, service life, and decorative effect of different wood species is also very large. It is necessary to accurately identify the tree species, purchase suitable solid wood furniture, and understand the performance characteristics of some commonly used wood.

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Pine wood (Pinus massoniana, Pinus sylvestris) is increasingly valued for environmental protection, and solid wood furniture is slowly increasing. Pine wood furniture accounts for a large part of it, especially many children’s furniture is made of pine wood. There are two main materials for pine furniture, one is Pinus massoniana, the other is Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica. It is mainly made of Pinus sylvestris var. The texture of Masson pine is straight or uneven, and the structure is medium to thick. The disadvantage is that the cracking is more serious when drying. Not resistant to decay. Poor paint and bonding performance. With strong nail-holding power, it is relatively less used as furniture in wood furniture. The price of wood-board is generally about three times that of the same size of Chinese fir integrated board or large core board. Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica is widely used as the material for mid-range solid wood furniture. Many log furniture uses pine wood. The pine wood is stronger in material, the texture is clearer, and the wood is better. Compared with Chinese fir, the wood grain of Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica is more beautiful, and there are fewer wood scars.

The largest proportion used in the decorative panel of ash is the ash panel. The reason why this type of panel is used is inseparable from its characteristics. The scientific name of ash is ash, which is a kind of wood belonging to the genus Olea , The main origin is China’s northeast, north China, Russia and other places, the biggest advantage of ash is its texture, ash pattern is beautiful and clear, such as decorative panels or furniture, varnish or whitewash can be reflected to the greatest extent Its beautiful pattern is suitable for modern and simple style, and ash panel is still a kind of decorative panel with lower price. The disadvantage is that if it is used as solid wood furniture, the deformation is large, so if the ash is made of all solid wood, it is mostly spliced ​​with small wooden blocks. Most of the ash furniture seen in the furniture store is the main frame solid wood of ash, and the large area is affixed to the solid wood of ash, because the deformation and shrinkage of ash will be the main reason.

Oak (white oak, red oak) Oak is also a kind of decorative wood that everyone loves. Oak is commonly known as the real oak. The scientific name of oak is oak, which belongs to the family of Fagaceae, Heliconia, red oak is called red oak, and white oak is called White oak, in fact, red oak is not really red, but wood yellow is more pink, white oak is not white, but light yellow, which causes the color difference between red oak and white oak is not very large, oak The characteristics are heavy and hard, straight texture, coarse structure, elegant color and beautiful texture, quite high mechanical strength, wear resistance, but wood is not easy to dry sawing and cutting, and if the large area is used, the degree of deformation is large, the oak pattern also has straight grain and The difference between horizontal stripes and straight stripes is better, and the price is slightly more expensive. Pay attention to the use of oak, many use Southeast Asian rubber wood to impersonate oak, pay attention when buying wood, furniture. For rubber wood, the identification method is that the rubber wood has an odor, is prone to worms and corrosion.

The biggest characteristic of camphor wood is that it is rich in rich aroma, which can repel insects, moth, mold, and sterilization. Camphor pills are made from the spices extracted from camphor wood. The tree diameter is large, the wood is wide, and the pattern is beautiful. Camphor wood has fine wood and beautiful natural texture. The texture is tough, not easy to break, and it is not easy to produce cracks. It is the first choice for engraving technology since ancient times. Camphor wood is mainly used for furniture backboards and drawer boards in the decoration, especially suitcases, bookcases, cabinets, etc. Camphor wood boxes are well-known in my country and abroad. However, camphor wood is less used as a bed because the fragrance emitted by camphor wood will affect the quality of sleep, make people excited and even insomnia, and may also cause dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms.

Elm “Elm pimple” is described as perverse, meaning obscure any difficulty. From this word, we can see some of the properties of elm wood. Elm wood has a large width and excellent texture; the deformation rate is small, the wood is tough, the texture is clear, the hardness and strength are moderate, suitable for carving, smooth planing, string pattern Beautiful, with “chicken wing wood” pattern, can be used for furniture, decoration, etc. The furniture made of elm wood is rough and rustic in style. And Elm is cost-effective. A Chinese antique all-elm log dining table includes 6 chairs at around 3000-4000 yuan.

Beech, also known as sapwood, is produced in southern China. The wood is firm and beautiful in texture, and can be used for construction and utensils. There are many types of beech wood, and the central material is reddish brown. The special name is “blood beech”. Some beech wood has natural and beautiful large patterns, and the color is exactly like rosewood. In ancient China, “Northern Elm Beech” was said, referring to the elm wood used in northern furniture and the beech wood used in southern furniture. Therefore, elm and beech wood are good materials for furniture in the past, which can be used as beds, tables, cabinets, etc. Beech can also be used as a decorative panel, and many people use red beech decorative panels for decoration.

Walnut Walnut is commonly known as walnut, and it is one of the precious woods that people love in the world. Especially in European countries, walnut, mahogany, and oak are also called three precious woods. These high-end European-style furniture mostly use these kinds of wood, but in our country, the status of walnut is not as prominent as in Europe. Walnut wood is medium to slightly hard, with fine and uniform fiber structure, strong toughness, especially excellent performance in vibration and abrasion resistance, and has certain resistance to bending and corrosion. The walnut tree species produced in China are mainly walnut and walnut tree. Walnut furniture is almost unique to Shanxi. Although it has been found in other areas, it is not as concentrated and excellent as Shanxi. The walnut wood seen in the south is generally imported, and the price of walnut wood produced in different places is very different, everyone should see clearly.

The term mahogany rosewood comes from the late Qing Dynasty. At that time, in order to distinguish the traditional red sandalwood and huanghuali furniture, the rosewood dark red heartwood hardwood imported from Southeast Asia was called mahogany. In modern times, China combined traditional materials from the Ming and Qing dynasties , And then contact the modern commonly used dark wood imported from abroad to re-enact the mahogany standard. The new national standard stipulates that the wood of 2 families, five genera, eight categories and 33 species of wood is called mahogany Some of these woods are not all red in color, such as the ebony and striped ebony woods of the persimmon family, and the winged woods of the genus Phragmites. The reason why they are all classified into mahogany wood is to integrate the performance, texture, usage and social recognition of the wood.

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