What Kind of Cloth Wardrobe is Good? How to Choose

The cloth wardrobe is popular with many young people because of its simple installation and convenient movement. But there are many types of fabric wardrobes on the market, and the quality is also uneven. How to choose a cloth wardrobe? It became a problem for many friends who wanted to buy. Here are some experiences for those who are hesitating.

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Method / Step of cloth wardrobe


As for the material of the cloth wardrobe, it is simply what kind of cloth is used as the manufacturing material, and what kind of cloth is generally used will directly affect its practicality and beauty. Now, the common material of fabric wardrobes is gauze, which is a cloth wardrobe with relatively common materials. The best-selling cloth wardrobe uses 100 grams of non-woven fabric material, compared to the non-gauze material, it is more durable and more beautiful in appearance. There is also a super thick polyester oxford fabric, which is more durable than the first two, but the price is generally slightly higher. When we choose the material of the cloth wardrobe, we should not simply pursue the beauty, but also depend on its durability.

 Scroll wheel

When choosing the cloth wardrobe, pay attention to the rollers below to see if the wheels are wear-resistant, non-slip, and pressure-resistant. And safe and reliable. The rollers of general high-quality cloth wardrobes are made of carbon fiberglass materials. These wheels contain balls inside, which are easy to push and pull, and are more wear-resistant, and will not be deformed after long-term use. When we choose cloth wardrobe, it is best to use such wheels. In addition, pay attention to whether there is noise from the wheels when selecting.

 Design structure

Whether the design is scientific, professional, and meets the needs of people now is also an important standard for buying cloth wardrobes. When we buy, we need to see whether the design is reasonable, such as whether there are additional designs such as mirrors on the cabinet. In addition, it is also important to choose the design style you prefer.

 Structural stability

The stability of the fabric wardrobe is directly related to its service life. When we judge the stability of the Corner Wardrobe with Mirror, it depends on whether the skeleton supporting the wardrobe is stable and durable. The skeleton of the general cloth wardrobe is made of steel pipes. The thickness and weight of the steel pipe, the heavier the steel pipe generally the better the stability and durability.

 Ease of assembly

Normal cloth wardrobes buy a lot of parts from the market and assemble them by themselves. At this time, we have to consider whether the assembly is convenient and simple. When we choose the cloth wardrobe, it is best to figure out the installation method. Generally speaking, reasonable design of the cloth wardrobe can be completed by hand when installing, without any tools. The process generally does not exceed half an hour. Follow the instructions step by step when assembling, and make sure that the parts are complete when buying.

Wardrobe tightness

The sealing degree of the fabric wardrobe is also an important factor that can not be ignored when purchasing. If the sealing degree of the wardrobe is not good, it will be easy to enter the ash, and some will be wet in spring, so the role of the wardrobe is lost. The high-quality cloth wardrobes on the market generally use a sealed zipper design, and the bottom is also equipped with a partition yarn, which effectively prevents the entry of dust, thereby ensuring the cleanliness of the clothes.

When choosing a cloth wardrobe, don’t forget to decide the size of the cabinet according to the size of the house and the amount of clothes. To ensure that the fabric wardrobe can fully meet our daily needs.


  •  After-sales service is very important! We must consider after-sales when buying cloth wardrobes! Under the same conditions, choose a store with better after-sales service to purchase.

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