What is the best sleeping position?

 What is the best sleeping position? Sleep is very important for people, enough sleep can ensure the efficiency of work. Here are some better sleeping positions.

 Sleeping position suitable for ordinary people-lying on the side:

Ordinary people refer to people of relatively standard height and weight. The more scientific sleeping posture is to lie on the right side with slightly bent legs. In this way, the heart is in a high position and is not compressed; the liver is in a low position, which provides better blood supply, which is beneficial to metabolism; and the food in the stomach is pushed toward the duodenum by gravity to promote digestion and absorption.

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 Obese people try to choose-lying on their back.

Fat people are more suitable for sleeping on their backs. The huge body is scattered on the broad back, and the pressure on each part is less, so that they can sleep for a long time. If a fat person wants to sleep on the side of an ordinary person, he will be overweight and oppress the other half of the body, forming long-term compression on the heart, internal organs and other organs, which is not good for health.

The most relaxing posture-lying on the left

Generally speaking, the most relaxing sleeping posture for the human body is to lie on the left side. When lying on the left side, curl your legs slightly to prevent the body from loosening. But it is not advisable to lie on the left side for a long time, so as not to squeeze the heart, it is also easy to compress the gastrointestinal tract and slow down the emptying of the stomach.

A posture that promotes restful sleep-lying on your back.

It is generally believed that lying on your back with your back and hands and feet straight, this posture is the best way to sleep. The spine of the human body supports the heavy head and internal organs and bears heavy pressure. It is extremely important to rest the spine and relieve stress during sleep. Sleeping on your back can make your back straight. If you fall asleep with your back bent, it is easy to cause back pain and shoulder pain. So if you want to fall asleep quickly, try lying on your back.

Sleeping position suitable for babies-lying on the side.

The sleeping posture of side sleeping does not excessively oppress the baby’s vital organs, and is also conducive to muscle relaxation, which is a better sleeping posture. Sleeping on the side can prevent the baby from overflowing milk. Even if the overflowing milk occurs when lying on the side, the vomit in the mouth will flow out from the corner of the mouth, and it will not flow into the throat and cause suffocation. But for newborn babies, they will not turn over, and parents should often assist in changing positions.

Sleeping position suitable for people with lumbar disc herniation-lying on the back and on the side.

 People with lumbar disc herniation are generally suitable for supine and side lying positions. In addition, a soft pillow should be placed under the lower limbs in the supine position, so that the hips and knees are slightly flexed, and the muscles of the whole body are relaxed. In addition, you should sleep more on the hard bed in daily life. Sleeping on the hard bed can reduce the pressure on the intervertebral disc.

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