What is the best honey?

Honey is made by bees collecting plant nectar and repeatedly brewing. According to different bee species, there are Chinese honey and Italian honey, and according to different sources of honey, it can be divided into a hundred nectar and acacia nectar. When people face a dazzling array of honey Often don’t know how to choose, let’s take a look at what the best honey is!

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Bee species has nothing to do with quality. Honey can be divided into medium honey, Italian honey, and black honey according to different bee species. It is worth noting that bee species and honey quality are not intrinsically related. Here we take medium honey and Italian honey. Let’s just say that the output of the Chinese bee is relatively low. Generally, only one or two times a year are taken. Therefore, most of the Chinese bee is naturally mature honey. The output of the Italian bee is very high. Taking “water honey”, in fact, Italian bee brewing mature honey is not worse than medium honey.

2. The source of honey has nothing to do with quality. According to different honey source plants, honey can be divided into hundred nectar, acacia nectar, jujube nectar, linden honey, etc. Although nectar plants do have a certain influence on the quality of honey, they absolutely cannot determine the quality of honey. Advantages and disadvantages, in fact, the ingredients of honey are basically the same. The difference is that some honey species may contain very small amounts of trace components. In addition, the ingredients contained in nectar plants may not necessarily be in honey. Some honey is even used by businesses to make gimmicks. Advocating.

3. Maturity determines quality. Honey is brewed by bees collecting plant nectar, but neither bee species nor nectar source can determine the quality of honey. In fact, the only thing that determines the quality of honey is maturity, that is, as long as Natural mature honey made entirely by bees can be regarded as high-quality honey. However, there are too few natural mature honeys on the market at present. Most of them are concentrated honey made from “water honey”. This is why Chinese honey is better than honey. The reason why Italian honey is more popular.

4. If you want to buy natural mature honey, you must first look at the degree of maturity when buying honey. Simply put, it is to see whether it is completely matured from honey. In fact, most of the honey can be satisfied, but the meaning of honey is “Commercial honey”, so its maturity will be regulated by the market, that is to say, beekeepers will determine whether to produce mature honey according to their own benefits, and they also need to see if there are additives when purchasing (natural mature honey does not require additives at all. ), nor can it be mixed with anything other than honey.


  • The quality of honey does not depend on the bee species, nor does it depend on the honey bee collecting the nectar source. In fact, it is only related to the maturity of the honey, which means that as long as it is naturally mature honey, it is almost the same.
  • In addition, there is no need to deliberately pursue honey seeds when purchasing, because these honey seeds really have little difference in composition.

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