What is Launchpad in Cryptocurrency and How Can Institutional Investors Use It?

A launchpad refers to a platform or service that facilitates the launch and fundraising of new crypto projects and startups. This service can be found on an institutional crypto exchange. Such platforms may offer their institutional clients the opportunity to vote for crypto projects and startups and distribute tokens in return (in the case the project gains enough votes and its token is listed), or buy the tokens of up-and-coming projects themselves at an initially cheap price. Let’s discuss these opportunities in more detail in this article.

How Investors Benefit from Launchpad Cryptocurrency

Here’s what institutional investors receive when using a crypto launchpad:

  • Access to early-stage projects. Launchpads often provide institutional investors with access to promising early-stage crypto projects. These projects are typically in their initial phases and offer an opportunity for investors to get in at a relatively low cost before they gain wider recognition.
  • Due diligence. Launchpad platforms usually conduct due diligence on the projects they list. This includes assessing the project’s team, technology, roadmap, and compliance with legal requirements. Institutional investors can benefit from this due diligence process, as it helps reduce the risks of investing in unproven projects.
  • Token sales. Many launchpads facilitate token sales or ICOs for the projects they list. Institutional investors can participate in these token sales to acquire tokens at an early stage. These tokens may later be used in institutional crypto trading.
  • Token distribution. Launchpads often have mechanisms for distributing tokens to investors, introducing lock-up periods. This is done with the vision of long-term investments.
  • Support and community. Launchpads typically provide support and resources to the projects they host. This support can include marketing, technical assistance, and access to a community of crypto enthusiasts. Institutional investors can benefit from the growth of these communities and the overall success of the projects.
  • Early-stage investment strategies. Institutions may employ various strategies when participating in launchpad token sales. They can engage in staking, yield farming, or liquidity provision, depending on the project’s ecosystem and investment goals.


Launchpad crypto is a valuable tool for institutional investors to discover, assess, and invest in early-stage crypto projects. They streamline the fundraising process, provide due diligence, and offer access to a diverse range of investment opportunities. With the help of launchpads, institutional investors can participate in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency while managing risks and receiving rewards.

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