What brand of hair dryer is good? How to buy hair dryer?

The hair dryer can dry the wet hair after taking a bath, helping us blow out the hairstyle we want. It is a must-have household appliance for urban life. But how to buy a small electric appliance such as a hair dryer scientifically is often overlooked by people. In fact, to select high-quality, practical models from the many brands and functional products in the mall, it takes a lot of university to ask. Let me share with you what brand of hair dryer is good, how to buy a hair dryer.

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According to the power selection:

the small appearance and large energy hair dryer is a small electric appliance with relatively large power in the home. Common power ranges from several hundred watts to even kilowatts. Parents should consider daily needs when buying, for example, short hair is more suitable for using a low-power blower, saving electricity and environmental protection, and easy to dry. Women with long hair should choose high-power hair dryers. Professional hair dryers with high power, metal shells, and heavy weights like the hairdresser’s hair dryer can dry their hair faster. It is not difficult to have long hair. Blow dry. 

Choose according to appearance and material : 

when you buy a hair dryer, you can combine your favorite personalized and stylish design, check whether the buckle cover around the fan is tightly combined, and whether the material is rough.

According to the function selection

we must choose the hair dryer that can adjust the speed and temperature of each file. It is best to have a smart induction technology that protects hair and scalp and a hair dryer with static electricity protection and maintenance functions. Not only can meet the needs of women who love beauty and long hair, but also meet the needs of men and children with simple hairstyles to healthy dry hair.

Choose according to the wind mouth

 the small wind mouth of the hair dryer can help friends blow out different hairstyles. For example, the diffuser nozzle has uniform airflow and is suitable for short hair styling, which can blow out the natural fluffy effect. The comb-shaped tuyere, aiming the tuyere at the tip of the hair, can blow out the effect of stretch and tightness.

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