What Is Amazon Digital? Complete Guide 2022

What is Amazon Digital?

Amazon Digital refers to charges for digital content purchased from Amazon.

It includes television, movies, music, books, games, and software, among other things.

Amazon has become synonymous with online shopping, but the brand provides much more than the world’s most popular online shopping platform.

Through its Amazon Digital program, the retail giant also offers seemingly limitless digital content such as movies, music, books, and video games.

We cover everything you need to know about Amazon Digital so that you can take advantage of all its features.

Among the various Amazon Digital offerings are:

  • Amazon Video
  • Amazon Kindle Unlimited
  • Amazon Music Streaming
  • Subscription to Software
  • Audible by Amazon
  • Kids+
  • Amazon Cloud Drive
  • Amazon Prime

Whether you like movies or books or need storage space for all your content, Amazon makes it simple to access your favorite digital content.

A Prime membership even comes with a lot of digital content.

You can, however, upgrade to get additional subscriptions, such as television channel or audiobook subscriptions.

Not only does Amazon make it simple to access content, but they also make it simple to manage content via their website.

Instead of a physical game cartridge or DVD, the information will be streamed online.

You can’t lose or damage the content like you could with a physical copy.

You can also access it from anywhere if you have an internet-connected device.

Amazon categorizes the content and gives subscribers access to it if they pay the monthly fee.

Some of the content is available with an Amazon Prime subscription, but the services can be ordered separately or upgraded for more content.

1. Amazon Video

Prime Video, which is included with your Amazon Prime membership, provides television and movies.

You can also get Prime Video on its own, but for a few dollars more per month, you might as well get the benefits that come with Prime.

Many people argue that it pales in comparison to Netflix and Hulu, but there are some hidden gems, such as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, that you won’t find anywhere else.

Unlike other streaming services, Amazon Video allows users to rent or buy content that is not free.

Even if you must pay a small fee to rent the movie you want to see, you will almost certainly find it.

You can also subscribe to various channels so that you can watch content from your favorite channels on the Amazon Video Platform.

Amazon Video provides the following channels:

  • AMC+:
  • Boomerang:
  • Cinemax:
  • Discovery+:
  • Epix:
  • Hallmark Movies Right Now:
  • Lifetime Film Club:
  • MLB TV:
  • NBA TV:
  • Basketball League Pass:
  • Paramount+:
  • PBS Children’s:
  • Showtime:
  • Shudder:
  • Starz:

2. Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Kindle reader from Amazon

Some argue that people no longer read.

While radio and television have dominated since their introduction, people continue to enjoy reading.

Amazon provides readers with access to a variety of books and audiobooks through their $9.99/month Kindle Unlimited subscription.

More than a million eBooks are available to you with Kindle Unlimited.

Because you don’t have to pay for books individually, you can read books you might not have read otherwise.

You will, however, find many of your favorites.

It may take some getting used to switching from reading physical books to reading digital books, but many people see the benefits, including saving a lot of space when storing books.

You can still buy your favorite books for your bookshelf, but you won’t have to buy a physical copy of each one.

3. Audible

Some people prefer to listen to books rather than read them.

Audible is a monthly subscription service for audiobooks and podcasts that costs $7.95.

There are best sellers as well as classics.

Many celebrities release audiobooks or read them, adding a personal touch to your favorite stories.

Play a book in the background while driving or working or cleaning your house.

Podcasts are also available from Audible.

Podcasts are digital talk radio shows that cover a wide range of topics, including true crime, celebrity gossip, and news.

4. Amazon Music Streaming

Music is an essential part of life. Amazon Music allows you to listen to your music.

You get a limited number of titles for free with your Amazon Prime membership, but you can upgrade your membership to get more titles (two million songs to 75 million songs).

Amazon Music Unlimited is a perk for Prime members.

Amazon’s Alexa home assistant makes it simple to listen to music.

With a simple voice command, you can request your favorite music.

To have music play in the background, say something like, “Alexa, play contemporary hits,” or “Alexa, play classic rock.”

You can also ask Alexa to play certain songs, such as “Alexa, play Hank Williams” or “Alexa, play Only the Good Die Young.”

When the song is finished, you can configure it so that it either stops paying or continues with similar music.

5. Subscription to Software

The best digital software for personal or professional use is not inexpensive.

You can always purchase software outright, but what if you want to use an updated subscription a year later?

Subscriptions to software can be paid for on a yearly or monthly basis.

When your subscription expires, you have the option of renewing it or purchasing new software.

Among the software subscriptions available are:

  • Personal Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft 365 suite
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional
  • Creative Cloud by Adobe
  • McAfee Total Security
  • Norton 360

Remember that most subscriptions automatically renew at the end of the term.

If you intend to purchase software subscriptions for your business, Amazon provides a free Amazon Business account.

It’s like a regular account, but it’s designed to make business operations easier, such as reviewing your Amazon purchases.

6. Kids+

On the couch, a lovely young family is watching television together.

With so much content available today, many parents are looking for ways to provide their children with content that is tailored specifically to them.

Kids+ contains content for children, such as books, movies, and educational games.

Because the content is all kid-friendly, you won’t have to worry about your child watching an inappropriate movie or listening to an inappropriate song.

7. Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon’s logo is displayed on a laptop computer.

What about the content you create on your own?

You’ll need a location to keep the content.

Amazon Drive is a cloud-based storage service where you can save all of your digital content.

The cost is determined by the amount of storage space required:

As you can see, after a certain point, you are only able to pay for the entire year.

For personal use, most people only require 100 GB or 1 TB.

Begin small and work your way up as needed.

Professional purposes may necessitate additional storage.

You will no longer have access to the content in your drive once your subscription expires.

Before canceling, make a backup of all content or move it to a different storage platform.

8. Prime (Amazon)

It’s difficult to discuss Amazon Digital without mentioning Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime is the company’s primary subscription service, with millions of subscribers worldwide.

In fact, it is the world’s largest subscription service.

Prime subscriptions include some digital content as well as delivery services such as fast, free delivery.

Some of the services included with your Prime membership are as follows:

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Advantages of Delivery

  • Over 15 million items are eligible for free one-day delivery.
  • Over 3 million items are available for free same-day delivery.
  • Grocery delivery in two hours
  • Amazon Holiday
  • Amazon Keychain
  • Streaming and Digital Advantages
  • Amazon Video
  • Amazon Music Streaming (2 million songs)
  • Excellent Gaming
  • Amazon Images
  • Amazon Kids Plus
  • Important Reading
  • Advantages of Shopping
  • Prime-only offers
  • The Big Day
  • Priority early access
  • Before you buy, try it out.

People who enjoy online shopping will find Prime extremely useful.

Many of the other advantages are discovered as an afterthought.

Is Amazon Prime worth the money?

We believe so, but it is up to you to take full advantage of the service.

Why Purchase Digital Content from Amazon?

There is a lot of competition out there, especially with digital content providers like Netflix and Spotify.

Why should you buy digital content from Amazon?

1. Convenience

Amazon makes it simple to access and manage your digital content.

Instead of visiting multiple websites, you can access everything from Amazon’s website in one place.

You can also easily manage all your subscriptions in one place, making it easier to budget for subscription services.

2. Original Material

Because Amazon has such a large following, content creators want to publish their work there.

Amazon collaborates with these artists to create exclusive eBooks and television programming available only on Amazon.

Coming to America 2 and Borat Subsequent Movie film, for example, were both exclusive to Amazon Prime.

3. Reasonable Costs

Amazon can provide a large amount of high-quality content at a very reasonable price.

People prefer Amazon for digital content because of their low prices.

They also include a lot of content with their Prime membership.

Utilize the content available to you to make the most of your subscription.

4. What is Amazon Digital Fees

Amazon will bill you for the digital services under the banner “Amazon Digital.”

The “Amazon Digital” fee is not the same as your Prime subscription, which is labeled differently.

If you notice a charge that you aren’t familiar with, you should investigate it and possibly cancel the subscription.

How to Obtain Amazon Digital Content

Depending on your preferences, you can access your digital content from Amazon in a variety of ways.

1. Website of Amazon

You can access your content via Amazon’s website.

You can use your computer to watch videos or play games.

You can also listen to audiobooks or listen to music on your computer.

You are limited to your computer’s monitor and speakers in this situation.

2. Apps

Amazon allows you to access your content using designated apps on your phone or tablet.

Keep in mind that different apps will be used for different types of content.

For instance, you will use one app for shopping and another for Amazon Video.

3. Amazon Fire TV

What if you want to watch television content?

Using the Amazon Firestick, you can connect your television to the internet.

You can download apps on your Amazon Firestick once you’re connected to the internet, just like you would on your phone or tablet.

You can download a variety of apps for the Amazon Firestick, including apps that allow you to access content not available through Amazon, such as HBO GO and Netflix.

Amazon Digital Subscription Management

Did you previously enjoy a subscription service but no longer use it?

Why should you pay for services you no longer use?

Discover how to manage and cancel subscriptions

Visit the Memberships and Subscriptions page while logged into your Amazon account.

When you get to the page, you’ll see a list of your current subscriptions.

The name of the subscription, the cost of the subscription, the renewal date, and the payment method will all be displayed.

You will be able to manage each subscription on the right.

If you see a subscription that you want to cancel, click the button to manage the subscription and then cancel the subscription.

When it comes to canceling subscriptions, Amazon is usually reasonable.

If you notice the charge and cancel the same day, Amazon will offer you a refund.

Alternatively, you can continue to use the subscription until it expires.

Are you unsure whether you want to cancel?

Amazon can even send you a reminder three days before the renewal date, giving you the opportunity to cancel then.

You can also change the settings on this page to see your previous subscriptions, including when you canceled them.

This is useful if you want to dispute a charge or see how much you spent on subscription services over the course of the year.

How to Manage Digital Subscriptions

Small charges accumulate over time.

It’s also easy to overlook minor charges until they hit your bank account at the worst possible time.

Here are some suggestions for managing your digital subscriptions.

1. Put it on your calendar

Take the time to mark down the dates of your subscriptions in your calendar in advance, whether you have a physical calendar at the office or a digital calendar on your phone.

The charge will be visible on your calendar before it is applied to your bank account.

If you want to cancel the subscription before the charge, you can do so.

At the start of each month, mark your calendar with all your bills.

If you want to change your due dates, contact Amazon customer service.

2. Examine Application

You should analyze what subscriptions you use and which ones you no longer use on a regular basis.

You may have subscribed to Showtime to watch a specific series.

However, you are not permitted to watch anything else after you have finished watching the show.

You can postpone it until another show comes along.

It’s pointless to pay for subscriptions you no longer use.

3. Maintain Subscriptions on a Single Platform

Subscriptions can be obtained in a variety of ways.

You can pay for each subscription individually, but this can be confusing.

Furthermore, you must remember a plethora of different passwords.

Keep all your subscriptions on a single platform, such as Amazon.

It makes it easier to keep track of them all.

4. The Benefits of Free Trials

Use free trials to figure out which subscriptions you want.

The free trial is intended to entice you into becoming a paying customer, but you have the option to cancel or continue with the subscription.

Mark your calendar so you don’t forget to cancel if you only want the free trial.

Frequently Ask Questions 

1. What Is Amazon Digital Fee?

When you see an “Amazon Digital” charge, it is for digital content, such as a channel subscription or audiobook subscription.

2. Is Amazon Prime the same as Amazon Digital?

Amazon Digital charges differ from Amazon Prime charges.

Amazon Prime does include digital content, but Amazon Digital fees are for additional subscriptions.

3. Is Netflix available through Amazon?

While your Amazon Firestick can access Netflix, you cannot subscribe to Netflix through Amazon.

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