6 effective ways of using videos in email marketing

6 effective ways of using videos in email marketing

The efficient and captivating capacity of videos in email marketing is unquestionable. However, it is time to up your game and take your video marketing content from landing pages and other social media platforms to emails. Yes, you can shoot up your CTR (Click-Through-Rate) by marrying these two most fruitful marketing domains.

While emails are old school and boring, clubbed with videos, they proffer a successful and efficient solution to all your marketing doubts. Videos are hands-down the best medium that can rocket fuel your marketing efforts. In other words, embedding videos in a marketing email is like the seasoning of your food. When done right, the result is staggering.

What is Video Email Marketing?

Video email marketing is what it sounds like exactly. Videos added to your regular marketing emails are what we’re looking at here. Emails are a mainstay marketing medium that has endured the lashes of multiple modern marketing channels.

Owing to its outreach, it has survived over the years as an influential owned medium. Videos provide the ultimate thrust to building awareness and enhance the comprehending capacity of the audience. Having them both come together under one roof can help boost your business in leaps and bounds. They enable you to reach your audience directly.

Why is Video Email Marketing Effective?

Video is undoubtedly the best weapon in the hands of marketers. The appeal a video has on the audience is unachievable with just text. Thus, video email marketing fosters long-term relations with customers and builds up an enduring sense of loyalty.

Video email marketing also facilities buying decisions of customers. It is because a 24-frame format is preferred and is much simpler to understand than a single-frame format. Strategic placement of the video at the end of an email ensures that the viewer goes through the entire email to come to the video. 

Constructing an Email Marketing List

Before you scoff at the thought, consider the humongous presence of emails. Not only do emails forge direct and personal contact with your target audience, but they can also be personalized as per the demands of the situation or the end to be met.

If you are oblivious to the need, importance, and way to build an email marketing list, InVideo can be worth your weight in gold. It is a video editing platform that also offers an elaborate blog discussing the benefits and steps to build a potent email marketing list. Take your video marketing to a whole new level with the aid of emails.

How Can Videos Be Put to Their Best Use in Video Email Marketing?

·       Have a Catchy Subject Line

The first and foremost battle you need to win is that of being noticed in a bunch of other emails. Here, grabbing the attention of your viewing audience successfully. Inserting words like “video” can amplify your open rate by 7%-13%, according to a report by SwitchVideo. A compelling subject line will encourage the audience to open your email and minimize the chances of the email being sent to the trash, spam, or get lost in the inbox per se.

The use of emojis, GIFs, and cinemagraphs can also intrigue your audience into opening the mail. The mention of an embedded video will maneuver your audience into opening the email. Consider your job half done if your target audience finds your email worth opening.

·       Reward Your Existing Customer Base

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. The proverb brings out the idea precisely. Holding on to your existing customers is a no-brainer. Sending them a delightful surprise will not only help build a stronger relationship with them but also nurture their loyalty towards your business.

An out-of-the-blue surprise can never go wrong. Video content highlighting a particular future event or giving a sneak peek into the same can help build a strong rapport with your existing customers.

·       Put Those Testimonials To Use

 Being a marketer, you are bound to promote your business. Nonetheless, allowing your customers to do that for you is even better. An enterprise ought to believe that their brand or product is the best thing since sliced bread. However, for customers, having one of them share their experiences with the company is altogether a different assurance.

Having a person share his genuine experiences on the screen of your leads can develop their trust and sky-rocket your sales. Inboxing these testimonials to your target audience through emails can market your business in the best way possible. 

·       Advertise Local Events

Just like traditional invitations of weddings and celebrations came to your mailbox, a foretaste of local, upcoming events can be directed to your email marketing list leads. A preview of the actual event or a highlight in the form of a video will not only entice your subscribers to open the email but also follow up on the event in the discussion.

Adding a personalized touch to such marketing emails by addressing the subscriber can further enhance the appeal of your email. Thus, spreading the word of a future event through a video email can be an efficient tool to market your business.

·       Add a Landing Page With a Compelling CTA

There is no hard and fast rule that the video must be in the mail per se. You can opt to have a landing page link in your email with an eye-catching thumbnail to coerce your audience to view the landing page.

Having a landing page link with a thumbnail not only serves two Calls-To-Action but also intrigues the viewer to read through the page to comprehend the video better. The idea is to redirect your lead to another page fulfilling another CTA. Another benefit a landing page video offers is that it negates the possibility of a low-grade video as video-in-email is not a universally supported format.

·       Nail The Thumbnail!

Last but not least is your thumbnail. You surely don’t want to mess up on this one. Having a thumbnail with an irresistible play button will make your lead play your video. Ensure that the thumbnail is authentic and genuine as your brand and makes a lasting impression on your potential and existing customers.

The thumbnail is the second most crucial item after the subject line, which is to draw the attention of your leads, so you want to make sure that it is top-notch.

In a Nutshell

Videos and emails are a match made in heaven! The trend has been received well by both marketers and viewers. While it may seem like going the extra mile, it is worth the effort as it will have your CTR blowing off the charts. Aid the growth of your business with this prominent global trend and make the most from this channel incorporating the best of both worlds.



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