Trends in t-shirts


There are very few garments that have managed to stick around the human wardrobe for decades. Clothing is a vibrant area of our lifestyle. When any style lasts for only some months, t-shirts have existed for almost 100 years from their date of origin. Don’t you think it is interesting? Of course, it evolved, but the idea of the t-shirt remains intact in the 21st century.

Brief history

The T-shirt was originally invented as an undershirt for men in the US Navy. It got popularized because actors such as Marlon Brando and James Dean flaunted their muscles proudly in this garment rather than hiding it under other clothes. Soon this was being mass-produced by Cooper Underwear Company and many other brands soon followed pursuit.

Types of T-shirts based on their necklines

A neckline of a plain t-shirts for men changes the whole aspect of the t-shirt. There are various neckline designs for t-shirts for men such as V-neck, crew neck, polo collar, Henley- Y type, and the scoop neck style. Each of these styles accentuates different muscles in your body. Some are good for parties while others are best suited for formal and semi-formal gatherings.

Types of T-shirts as per their designs and fits

T-shirts have been widely experimented with throughout the world. This leads to some quite different styles of t-shirts based on their designs. Some t-shirt types based on designs are worth mentioning. These are Hooded style, Pocket style, Printed style, Graphic style, and the staple plain t-shirt style. According to fits, they can be categorized as slim fit, muscle fit, and baggy style fit. Baggy style fit can be good for all body types because it provides more breathing space to the body. It is also good for those who don’t like their clothes sticking to their bodies.

Why plain t-shirt for men tops the charts and what are the trends?

Out of all these styles, the plain t-shirt for men emerges as widely used because it suits all body types. It doesn’t matter whether you are slim, have a muscular figure, have some extra weight, or you are a little more thinner. Plain t-shirts for men suit all body types. The fun fact about plain t-shirts is that their simple design makes them suitable for both casual outgoings and formal gatherings. It can be paired with shorts, boxers, types of denim, plain pants, track pants, cargo pants, and any other bottom wear you wish to pair it with.

Some solid shades in plain t-shirts for men are worth trying. These are burgundy, white, black, bottle green, rose pink, vintage orange, navy blue, and mustard. Some mélanges are also worth trying such as mélange grey, mélange red, and mélange blue. If you want to have full sleeves in Henley style in plain t-shirts for men, go for shades such as navy blue, black and white because these are evergreen shades and can suit everybody. Those who don’t wish to experiment much can go for such shades as well.

Conclusion: Plain t-shirts for men stands out among the rest because of their versatility can approach towards both formal and informal lifestyle.

Summary: This article gave a brief history of plain t-shirts, informed various styles and designs, and concluded that plain t shirts are best among all.

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