To Learn French, or To Learn Spanish? That Is The Question

For many of us, learning a second language like French or Spanish is like getting a second chance at life. On language learning platforms like Amazing Talker, you can easily find certified online French tutors or even English tutors, no matter what language you’d want to learn!

Characteristics Of The French Language

Twenty-six characters make up the French alphabet. The differences between the French language and other languages may be traced to a variety of characteristics and rules. The pronunciation of the French term may change significantly from the spelling and writing of this word because of its many silent letters. 

Characteristics Of The Spanish Language

There are a few unique letters in the Latin alphabet in the Spanish language: vowels with an acute emphasis, u with an umlaut (ü), and n with tilde () are all examples. Spanish is pronounced phonetically, however the trilled ‘r’ is difficult to imitate since it’s a trill sound. They are almost identical, with the letters “b” and “v.” The letter ‘h’ is omitted.


A striking resemblance exists between the languages of Spain and France’s beginnings. It is true that both languages are developed from Vulgar Latin, often known as conversational Latin, which was spoken by lower class Romans such as merchants and soldiers.

The Alphabet

Even though it may seem apparent to some, one of the most fundamental similarities between Spanish and French is the use of the same basic Latin alphabet’s 26 letters. When it comes to writing, the two languages share a core writing system, which makes it easy to pick up and master.

Lexical Similarity

A lexical similarity refers to the similarity in word sets between two languages in linguistics. By comparing standard word lists from the two languages, it is possible to determine how many words have comparable structure and meaning.

Grammatical Features

Both Spanish and French have a large number of grammatical features in common. This may be seen at the most basic level in the building of sentences.

Use Of Accent Marks

Finally, the written forms of French and Spanish both comprise accent marks over precise letters, which signify changes to stress.

The Differences Of The French And Spanish Language


  • Compared to French, Spanish only has a few rules regarding pronunciation.
  • French has a number of rules regarding pronunciation which can be complex for a beginner.


  • Spanish uses a less number of accents.
  • French uses a number of accents.

Verb ‘To Be’:

  • In Spanish, there are two verbs for to be; ser and estar.
  • In French, only one verb is used for to be; Être.

Easiness Of Learning French And Spanish Language:

Many English speakers, at least in the United States, have the misconception that learning Spanish is considerably simpler than studying French. In the United States, this is particularly true. Over ninety-five percent of high school students choose Spanish as their second foreign language of choice. The majority of individuals believe that learning Spanish makes life easier and requires less work on their part. Some Americans, on the other hand, argue that Spanish is a more practical language to learn in the United States. People who speak English may have a hard time understanding the sounds of both languages. Nasal vowels, the renowned “R apical” sound, and the slight (to untrained hearing) differences between the words tu and tous in French, as well as parlai and parlais, are just a few examples. The most difficult sounds for beginning Spanish speakers to master are the rolling R, the J (which sounds like a French R), and the B/V.

Difficulties Of Learning Each Language

In Spanish, one of the most important verb tenses is simpler to comprehend than its French counterpart. As a result, it’s often accepted that Spanish is a more accessible language than French. If you are learning Spanish for the first time, you should know that there are no subject pronouns in the language and that there are four distinct words for “you” in Spanish instead of only two in French. At a certain level of proficiency, you will find that the grammar of Spanish is more challenging than that of French. In general, it is impossible to say that one language is easier or more difficult than another.

Which Language Is More Applicable?

If you plan on visiting Latin America or residing in the United States, studying Spanish will be significantly more beneficial than learning English. However, knowing French will come in handy if you’re currently in Canada, or if you’re planning a trip or doing business there. After all, the Canadian government has designated French as an official language.

Conclusion: So, Which One Is Your Final Choice?

It’s easier for aspiring teachers to get a jobs for French teachers and make more money now that French is being taught in most schools. It’s easier for aspiring teachers to get a job and make more money now that French is being taught in most schools.

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