Tips for purchase of shower heads

A statement of knowledge in three aspects: tips for choosing showers, the benefits of choosing a shower with drip function, and the benefits of choosing a shower with rubber water spray.

Shower purchase tips

  (1) Areas with normal or low water pressure are suitable for showers with single or less water output. The water output is more stable. Multifunctional showers can be used in areas with sufficient water pressure to enjoy a variety of water shower fun.

  (2) The shower hose is divided into copper pipe and stainless steel hose. A good hose has higher brightness and is not easy to deform when stretched.

  (3) How to choose a lifting rod? A good quality lifting rod has a bright appearance, and the lifting is smooth and not loose. Some lifting rods are also designed with a soapbox, which is more convenient to use.

2. The benefits of choosing a shower with drip function

  (1) Water-saving and convenient operation.

  (2) Protect the internal parts of the product and prolong the service life of the product.

  (3) It can remind users to turn off the water source in time.

  The so-called shut-off function is to completely close and cut off the water in the pipeline to make it trickle again; while the drip function is to let a certain amount of water flow through within a rated time, so that the entire waterway will not form a closed state, ensuring products and all aspects Not easily damaged.

3. The benefits of choosing a shower with rubber effluent particles

  (1) Just flick the water jacket gently to remove scale and obstructions.

  (2) Decorative function: It can be configured with different colors, and the appearance is novel and beautiful.

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