A must-see within a thousand yuan budget: top three in-ear active noise reduction headphones recommended

With the continuous work of companies across the country, I believe that many friends have already planned to buy an active noise reduction headset to make the office quieter and more efficient. Today I recommend three in-ear active noise-cancelling headsets with high-performance noise reduction and sound quality. The price is less than 1,000. Friends who like them are welcome to buy.

1 MORE ring iron Bluetooth noise reduction headset

    As a neck-mounted headset, the U-shaped neckband of the 1MORE ring iron Bluetooth noise reduction headset has a built-in memory wire, which has excellent flexibility and resilience; the skin-friendly material of the neckband and the lightweight design of the headset can provide comfort without The wearing effect makes this headset very comfortable and light to wear.

    This ring-iron Bluetooth noise reduction headset has added new features. The headset adopts two-speed active noise reduction adjustment technology, supports 3C fast charging (10 minutes of charging, 3 hours of use), equipped with Tencent DingDang intelligent voice assistant , one-button start voice And speak the command to play music (the article will have a detailed experience). In order to facilitate carrying and storage, the headset also uses magnetic technology; plus 7 hours of battery life, it can basically meet the daily use of the street, office or short trips.

Philips TAPN505 CN Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headset

    Philips TAPN505CN headset is a high-performance HiFi sound quality + active noise reduction business style neck-mounted headset. Its shape adopts the design of deep space gray + black, which is very suitable for friends who wear formal clothes.

    The shell of the earphone adopts a metal smooth texture design. The opening on the earphone is the pickup port of the active noise reduction microphone. The inner side is made of skin-friendly smooth plastic material to fit the ear canal. The shape is ergonomically designed, which is very good. The ground fits the auricle so that users can wear it for a long time.

    In terms of active noise reduction capabilities, Philips TAPN505CN has high-performance noise reduction capabilities. On the noisy subway in the morning rush hour, the noise reduction mode of this headset can instantly make the environment very quiet. Although the human voice can be heard, it has been weakened a lot, and there will be no excessive high-frequency noise reduction. For the medium-intensity noise environment, this headset can fully meet the needs of users.

    In terms of hearing level, Philips TAPN505CN uses a 12.2mm high-quality neodymium unit. This unit has very strong performance and is more common in thousand-yuan HiFi headphones. In terms of Bluetooth technology, this headset uses the flagship Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which not only achieves a larger amount of data delivery, but compared to the previous generation Bluetooth 4.0, it has both signal stability and connectable range. Significant improvement.

Edifier W380NB Bluetooth headset

    Edifier W3 80NB is a neck-mounted noise-reducing Bluetooth headset with full business sense. Its light texture, skin-friendly lambskin material and the advantages of the neck-mounted design make it basically without any discomfort when worn on the neck. The ear part of the earphone is also comfortable to wear, it fits well with the auricle, has no foreign body sensation, and is stable, not easy to fall, and there is no problem wearing it for a long time.

    As Edifier’s flagship earphone noise reduction this year, W380NB adopts ANC active noise reduction technology, through the built-in 4 microphones to form a reverse sound wave to cancel the noise, and also professionally optimized the depth and width of noise reduction.

    In terms of sense of hearing, the sound style of W380NB is more “omnivorous”. Its high, medium and low frequency distribution is relatively balanced, and the full and flexible low frequency is a highlight of this headset. It has good performance when listening to various music types. . Although the thickness of W380NB’s low frequency is a little bit more, the resolution is good and the sound is not loose at all.

    In terms of battery life, W380NB can be used for about 9 hours in Bluetooth + noise reduction mode, and about 16 hours in pure Bluetooth mode. This endurance performance should be said to be quite satisfactory, not excellent, but it can basically meet the daily commuting to get off work for two or three days without charging.

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