The three most popular UK sports for free bets 

It’s no secret that the UK gambling industry is booming. It’s estimated that there are currently over 32 million registered online betting accounts within the UK and that number is only set to grow.  

If you are wanting to get in on the action, the great news is that opening an online betting account is often free and there are a huge array of welcome offers and bonuses that are ready and waiting for you.  

Taking varied forms, such as deposit matches, or the refunding of a first losing bet – arguably the most popular welcome bonuses are when free bets are awarded. 

With there being so much choice when it comes to betting sites with free bets, there are numerous sports that you can bet on that could see you net some big returns.  

In this article, we will breakdown three of the most commonly bet on sports and tell you what makes them perfect for your free bets.  


The beautiful game, football is often the leading sport on most UK betting sites.  

With hundreds of matches available on a daily basis, bettors can make selections on games throughout the English football pyramid as well as from all the major leagues and competitions from across the world.  

Some of the very best online betting sites will even let you stream matches online, so that you can take in the action as it’s happening.  

With so much choice, and hundreds of markets to choose from, bettors can earn tremendous returns.  

Football is home to the accumulator, where bettors can combine numerous selections into one bet. Offering the potential for life changing sums at no cost, it’s no surprise that many turn to football for their free bets. 

Horse racing  

There are very few sports that have the ability to stop a nation, but that is exactly what horse racing does. 

Races such as the The Grand National or Gold Cup are hugely popular betting events and are often the target for free bets.  

With some of the UK’s best betting sites offering top horse racing action from all over the world, races are often streamed on site and come with detailed predictions with each horse’s chances being heavily analysed.  

With thousands of races across the year, there is no shortage of value that can be found. Horses at huge odds can often win some of the very best races, and it’s no surprise that betting on horses remains a hugely popular and fun thing to do.  


Tennis is one of the most watched sports in the world with tournaments being played across most of the year.  

With so much action, hundreds of matches can be bet on an almost weekly basis.  

Usually accompanying each match is a great range of markets that include the total amount of games won, total amount of sets and even point specific scenarios. 

Regarded as one of the best sports to combine multiple selections, free bets have the potential to go far and can return some really nice value.  

Matches are often live streamed, and bettors can watch some of the sport’s greatest talents such as Novak Djokovic, Carlos Alcaraz and Coco Gauff for little to no cost, making it a hugely popular sport for free bet users. 

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